How excited are we to be working with the B Bar in their new blogging series- the monthly post link up? (Very excited, just in case you were wondering.) Each month, the lovely ladies over at the B Bar will be providing a topic which a few bloggers will be weighing in on. What this ends up being is a great way for you to get introduced to blogs that you’ve never read before- and to hear from us, on possibly topics we might not usually cover.

(Did you read last month’s post about our favorite purchase of 2014? Do it. Do it now!)

February’s juicy topic is this:

Who are your favorite Instagrammers and why?

As two very visual people, you can imagine that Instagram is like a candy store to us. So many pretty images to scroll through and daydream… No surprise then that our favorite Instagrammers are the ones with a steady stream of stunning photos.

Before we introduce you to our favorites- let us shamelessly self promote our own Instagram feeds. You can follow me (Allison) at @allisonbiggs and you’ll find Suzanne at @suzannelarocque. Be prepared for some Betties behind the scenes, as well as kids and cats (and sometimes even a cute new pair of shoes).

Back to business. Here is our top 4 list. (In no particular order. We’re sure we’ve left out a TON of people. Sorry ‘bout that.)

Business Betties' Favorite Instagrammers | Hilary Rushford, Dean Street SocietyHilaryRushford

Founder of The Dean Street Society, NYC based stylist.

Beautifully styled outfits, a monthly #OOTD challenge, and spontaneous video dance breaks. Hilary is now running online workshops on how to build your Instagram followers- since her tribe has increased to 30k in the past year. Looks like she knows what she’s doing!

Business Betties' Favorite Instagrammers | Gala DarlingGalaDarling

Author, Teacher, Speaker, Purveyor of Radical Self Love, Co-Founder of Blogcademy

Gala is so intensely Betty. Probably more than we are. We love her ink black hair, false lashes, wing-tipped liner, fashion sense, tattoos, and her penchant for pink. Oh, to spend a day-in-the life with her!

Business Betties Favorite Instagrammers | Keiko Lynn GrovesKeikoLynn

Keiko Groves. Fashion Blogger. Cosmetics Master.

Imagine what it would be like to have the days of your life look as though they could fill the pages of a magazine. Keiko’s outfits are always on point as she makes her way around NYC with her fluffy lil’ pup. Her makeup is meticulous- and each day is an entirely different look! If you make your way to her blog, you’ll find instructions for each one of these looks, but let’s be real here. I’m still working on applying liner without poking myself in the eye.

Business Betties' Favorite Instagrammers | DesignLoveFest | Bri EmeryDesignLoveFest

Bri Emery, Art Director, Blogger, Co-Founder of BlogShop

Behind the scenes views of expertly designed photo shoots, bright colors, and fashion. This girl can take the most ordinary things and turn them into extraordinary Instagram magic. We dream of collaborating with this chick!


* All profile images are courtesy of the Instagrammers, themselves.

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