Ah, January. The time where most people create resolutions, like, “I’m never going to eat a cookie again!” Or, “I promise, another swear will never leave my mouth.” (For the record, neither of those resolutions were made in this office.)

We’re less into the resolutions and more into reflection, re-evaluation, and goal setting. We’re about creating markers by which we measure our success, and can tell that we’re headed in the right direction.

So, in a spirit of sharing, and putting it out in the Universe, we’ll show you our goals, if you show us our yours (in the comments below!).

1 Featured Betty per month

This, we’re carrying over from our 2014 goals. We’re so pleased with ourselves that we made this happen. (Know someone we should feature? Let us know in an email.)

1 Betty Box Feature per month

This is something we started in August of 2014, and have been having so much fun with. You can see past months here. (Do you have a product that you think would be just perfect for the Betty Box? Let us know.)

4 Blog posts per month

Also a roll-over from last year. This happened for the entirety of 2014, which is some sort of miracle. Committing to a content schedule is brutal, but as you can see, worth it.

1000 FB followers by end of 2015

We didn’t reach this goal in 2014, and that’s okay, it felt like a reach at the time, but a good one. We increased our following by 300 beautiful people from last January, and that is something to be very grateful for. You all chose to follow us- so thank you. (And if you per-chance aren’t following us on Facebook, won’t you consider it? We’re tons of fun, promise.)

Multiply our subscriber list by ten by the end of 2015

Not only are we in your social media streams, we’d like to be in your inbox as well. Let’s face it, with Facebook’s ever changing algorithms and privacy settings, you’re probably missing a lot of stuff we put out there. And that is a shame. (Let’s fix that- click here.)

Speak at the Lady Project Summit

This is in the books! We’ll be presenting along with a slew of intelligent, talented, and inspirational women. Mark your calendars, because you’re going to want to get in on this. April 18, 2015 in Providence, RI. Learn more and reserve your tickets here.

Present 2-3 Webinars

Whew, this one feels huge. We so love talking to you through our blog and social media- but you’ll notice that there has been an absence of video and voice recordings. That’s because this, in the sake of honesty, scares the bejeesus out of us. This year, we’ll be pulling up our big girl panties and just doing it though, because we’ve got some good stuff to share, and some brilliant people to connect with (that’s you!), and it’d be silly to let our fear of being in front of a camera get in the way. We’ll let you know when we schedule our first webinar. So, you know, you can be the first person to sign up.

Book One Brand Therapy Session a Month

We launched our Brand Therapy Sessions in 2014. (Get the full details here.) These are exclusive one on one consultations for people who know that their brand, their design isn’t cutting it anymore, but aren’t in a place where their ready to work with us, or they’re more of a DIY kinda gal, and need some objective and professional feedback and direction. This project format is so different than a lot of the work that we do. We enjoy it so much, we’ve decided to keep one Brand Therapy slot open each month in 2015.

Ready to change the direction of your business this year, with minimal commitment? Let us know when you’re ready to book a session. The Betties are in.

Launch our Super Secret Project in February

Sneaky, aren’t we? Don’t worry, we’ll give you more details as we get closer to the big day, but until then, just know that we’re hard at work creating something fantastical for you.




So what are some of your goals for 2015? How can we support you in getting them done? Let us know in the comments below.