What did you want (really, really want) for this project?

Our first full year as Betties was filled with amazing people who supported us and made this a wild and exciting ride. We wanted to show these people some gratitude by gifting them something that was useful and hadn’t entirely been overdone. (We were feeling a little tired of the red and green color scheme and the candy canes and jingle bells.)

So what was the plan, Stan?

There was no way a holiday card from the Betties could be ordinary or average. It had to be beautiful, thoughtful, and have a little bit of sass.

It had been a full and successful year, and we wanted to let people in on what we had been up to, and all that we had accomplished with them on our team. We could have delivered just the cold, hard facts, but that would have been pretty boring. We spiced it up a little bit with some inside info that we were sure would have people laughing. (We didn’t make anything up either, there really was THAT much espresso involved.)

Our gift needed the full Betty treatment as well. It needed to be the trifecta of useful, gorgeous, and branded. Miss one of those things and our gift could have been a total gaff.

The bow on the top (so to speak), was the packaging. The holiday cards were placed in translucent Betty pink envelopes. The notepads were banded with a fancy strip of paper, letting the giftee know what they were, and how to use them. Lastly, the notepads were meticulously wrapped in silvery tissue paper and placed in a crisp white envelope to be mailed.

Business Betties | Case Study | Holiday Client Gifts

So, did your clients love them?

We knew that WE were really happy with the design of our holiday cards and notepads, but you can never really tell which way a project is going to go until you start to hear the buzz. And the buzz was amazing! Within days, our inbox was filled with thank you notes, and to our surprise, people started taking pictures of their Ta-Da lists and posting them on their Facebook pages!

We count this project as a major success!