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Our client, Dana, came to us at a moment of transition.

She’d never really had to MARKET herself. Up until this point, she had one main client that was keeping her nice and comfy.

And then, suddenly, they were gone. (It was an amicable separation, we assure you. They were both looking for different things, you know how it is.)

After years of coasting along, she needed to drum up new business. She hadn’t really been paying too much attention to her branding, or her website. She had one, because she knew she should, but it wasn’t really doing anything for her.

Business Betties | Branding and Website Makeover for Public Relations Specialist

Dana’s website (before).

In transition, we often find clarity. We learn more about who we are and how we want to present ourselves to the world. We discover the projects that bring us to life, and the types of people we truly enjoy working with.

Dana was seeing herself and her business with new eyes, and it was clear that things needed to change in order to more clearly align with her identity and her values.

Website Design by Business Betties for Dana Swinney Public Relations

Dana’s newly designed site.

Click here to see the full site (we definitely recommend it).


The new design presents all of the necessary information on one clean and easy to read page. There’s a huge emphasis on photography, so that Dana is showing her future clients as well as telling them, what’s important to her.


And can we give a little plug for Dana? Because yes, she’s our client, but she’s also amazing at what she does. She’s specifically looking to work with more people in the food industry. Are you a baker, or a cupcake maker in desperate need of some good press? Visit Dana’s fancy new website, and then give her a call!


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