About Suzanne Larocque

I got my first job as a soda jerk (yes, that’s a real thing) when I was sixteen. After that I waited on tables, worked as an administrative assistant to a PAC-12 basketball coach, worked in a physical therapy office, was an executive assistant to a product development consultant, did marketing for a real estate firm, and managed two photography studios. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I’m naturally good at and what I like to do.

After many years of personal and professional exploration I’ve learned that I’m really good at big-picture thinking, project management, technical know-how, and perseverance (or stubbornness, depending on who you ask). But what I really love to do is put these superpowers of mine to work to help others be successful.

The measurement of success is different for everyone. While some chase after money others may choose to focus on personal relationships, hobbies, free-time, or health. To me, it is necessary to find a way to fulfill both your personal and professional goals in just the right amounts in order to feel balanced.