The Business Betties are two mavens on a mission.

One is a dynamic, persistent master plan crafter. One is an ingenious, methodical problem-solver. Together, they combine their eclectic backgrounds and entrepreneurial experience to create breathtaking visual identities and brands for women who are passionate about their businesses.

Suzanne Larocque, Photographer

I got my first job as a soda jerk (yes, that’s a real thing) when I was sixteen. After that I waited on tables, worked as an administrative assistant to a PAC-12 basketball coach, worked in a physical therapy office, was an executive assistant to a product development consultant, did marketing for a real estate firm, and managed two photography studios. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I’m naturally good at and what I like to do.

After many years of personal and professional exploration I’ve learned that I’m really good at big-picture thinking, project management, technical know-how, and perseverance (or stubbornness, depending on who you ask). But what I really love to do is put these superpowers of mine to work to help others be successful.

The measurement of success is different for everyone. While some chase after money others may choose to focus on personal relationships, hobbies, free-time, or health. To me, it is necessary to find a way to fulfill both your personal and professional goals in just the right amounts in order to feel balanced.

Allison Biggs, Graphic Designer

I got my first job at a massive insurance company, sorting paperwork and filing (does anyone still use file folders?) when I was 17. After that I mixed paint like a pro in a home improvement store.  I worked in the pool hall on campus while I attended college and could have probably beat you in a game of 8 ball.  I became the manager of the display department of a major retail store, I was an advertising designer for a local newspaper, and a college professor. Finally, in May of 2007 I took up the role that I was meant to play, entrepreneur.

Each of these periods in my life taught me a little bit about myself and my strengths.  I’m really good at thinking outside of the box and coming up with creative solutions to problems.  I’m patient and I don’t lose my cool when faced with a challenge.  I’m an information sponge and love to pass on my knowledge and know-how to others.

My definition of success is freedom.  Freedom to pursue a career that you love, freedom to build your life as you imagine it, and freedom from uncertainty.

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to work closely with Allison and Suzanne on a couple of different projects. I wanted them specifically to help me with my business because of their attention to detail, flexibility, and work ethic. Suzanne did an incredible job on my head shots and Allison has created a vision for my business cards and letterhead. I plan to continue working with them as my business grows and develops.”

Sarah Shube, LMHC, ATR

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Creative Art Therapies and Wellness