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As a motivated, scrappy entrepreneur, you may have recently stepped your toes into Adobe Photoshop and started feeling your way around. You’ve wanted to work on creating your own graphics for blog posts and social media, but Photoshop can be a nasty beast. She’s certainly not the most intuitive program.

Today, we’re specifically going to be talking about saving your files, and the formats you should be using. For now, we’ll assume you’ve got the graphics-making portion of this process figured out.


Your Working Files

If for any reason you need to go back and make a change to your image, you always need a working file. If you do something like accidentally including a typo in your Instagram image, then you’ll want to have the ability to fix it if need be.

The Photoshop (.PSD) format is your working file format. Always save in this format first, and then move onto the additional formats that we’re going to recommend later in this post.


Social Media Graphics (with text)

You’ve made a beautiful graphic with an inspiring quote. You can feel the likes rolling in already. If your goal is more engagement, then having text that is crisp, clean and easily readable is key.

Use the .PNG file format for your inspiring quotes, poems, statistics… Anything with text. To save as a PNG, in Photoshop, go to File > Save for Web. In the top right of the new window that appears, select PNG 24 for your file format. Now go ahead and save this puppy. You’ve got some posting to do.


Photographs for Social Media (or your website)

You’ve finally taken photos of your new office space. Or maybe you’ve been schmoozing it up with some big deal business owners and want the world to know. When you post those beautiful images on social media, use a .JPG.

To save as a .JPG: Go to File > Save for Web. In the top right of the new window, select JPG from the dropdown menu. To keep your photos looking sharp, the quality must be set to at least 80. You’ll see the setting for this directly underneath the dropdown you just used.

And save!


Photos for Print

Because the printing process is SO different from the way your screen works, photos that are going to be printed need to be saved in a different format. Don’t just print a JPG file, it’ll come out looking fuzzy as a Georgia peach.

Use a .TIF file when preparing a photo you’d like to print. The steps here are simple. File > Save As. Select .TIF from the list of file formats. You know what to do next! Save.


Layouts for Print

You’ve just designed your very first business card and are ready to have it printed through an online resource like Usually sites like this have very specific file requirements. Almost all of them love getting PDFs.

For problem free online printing, save as a PDF.

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