There are no comfy couches to lay on. And we promise we won’t be asking you how you “feel”. But there is a reason why we call our Brand Therapy Sessions what we do.

Do you remember the first spark of inspiration? The precise moment when that brilliant idea for a business hit you like a freight train and you were swept up in a rush of passion and momentum? That there is the honeymoon stage, marked by a flood of unsinkable optimism. Once that wears off, it doesn’t mean the love isn’t there, it just means that there’s a good deal of work that goes into keeping the relationship hot and heavy.

You might find yourself several years into this hustle and bustle relationship and you have days that you know things aren’t going right, but yet you have no idea how to fix them.

And so you call in a professional. Someone to drag everything out in the open to see all the problems and possibilities you can’t, because you’re too deep in them.

Consider the Betties your brand therapists.

Getting help can be a scary, intimidating thing. But you know what makes it easier? Knowing what’s coming and watching someone else take the leap first.

Need a little more info? We’ve answered your Brand Therapy burning questions in an FAQ post.

We recently completed a Brand Therapy session with Kim and her business, Archetype Vintage. (Side note, if vintage clothes are your bag, check out her Etsy shop. She has some seriously gorgeous garb available.)

The process started with Kim taking about a week to answer a few pages of pretty intense questions. (Okay, they weren’t all intense. We’re pretty sure she listed the address to her Facebook page without breaking a sweat.) She had seven days to really think about her responses, and if there were things that she truly hadn’t given thought to before, she had the space to do that without feeling under the gun.

 Business Betties | Preparing for your Brand Therapy Session

Here are a couple examples of the types of questions you’ll find on the Brand Therapy pre-session questionnaire:


  1. What’s your biggest source of frustration when it comes to branding?

  2. What do you LIKE about your current branding?


And then she sent us examples of all the branding materials she had already put out in the world, no holding back. Our inboxes filled with coupons and business cards along with links to multiple social media sites and Etsy pages.

 Business Betties | Brand Therapy | Archetype Vintage

Feeling a little website shame? Embarrassed of your business cards? Show us anyway. The more you share with us, the easier it’ll be to deliver the happy ending to your brand story.

That was some hard work, so Kim got to take a load off for a week, while we Betties took to work pouring over every piece of her existing brand and the completed questionnaire to which she so obviously invested quite a bit of brainpower.

 Business Betties | Brand Therapy | In Session Worksheet

Before our Skype session, we sent Kim a worksheet with the five major points that we wanted to discuss. You know how it is when you start talking. You start talking about one thing and before you know it, an hour has passed and you didn’t touch on half of what you meant to. We want to be sure that we get to all the meaty, juicy details of your brand. In order to do that in an hour we need to keep in reined in.


As you can tell by this point, the Brand Therapy session is so much more than the session itself. We’ve spent two weeks building a foundation for mind blowing, business changing, brand redeeming call.


During our Skype session we poked deeper at some of the issues that Kim brought to our attention in the questionnaire. We asked her to elaborate on who her clients are, what they like, and what she loves. We made friendly suggestions, gave direct instructions, made plans and straightened priorities.


One hour can pass like a whirlwind. It’s not uncommon to end the time, regroup, and think to yourself “So what did they say?”. And so one week after the call, we followed up with Kim by sending her detailed notes on everything we covered. Rest easy knowing, even if you miss something, we don’t.

 Business Betties | Brand Therapy | Session Notes

This is all worthless unless it pushes you into action. That’s the difference between Brand Therapy and every other branding article you’ve ever read. Instead of vague direction with no plan, you’ll leave with very specific action steps, broken down into manageable pieces, and prioritized.


We won’t tell you to just “build a website”. That’s a huge task and looking at that on your to-do list is going to make you feel overwhelmed. Six months from now it’ll still be on your list, no closer to getting done.

Business Betties | Brand Therapy | Action Plan

Think of how much lighter and easier it would feel if we told you that the first step was just registering your domain name. Next you can make a little list of websites that you like. Then do a Google search for web designers and find a few that do gorgeous work. You see where we’re going with this, right?

Sure, we can tell you how fantastic Brand Therapy is, but it’s our product, we have to say that, right? This is where we pass the mic to Kim, so you can hear the Brand Therapy experience from her perspective. As you can see, she’s already having great success from the advice received during her session.


Dear Allison and Suzanne,

My Brand Therapy session goals were to obtain a fresh perspective on my brand in all aspects of marketing, social media, customer experience and overall product appeal. The feedback and insights you gave me were incredibly informative and insightful and will help in crafting a brand that I can be proud to call my own. I greatly appreciated the detailed follow up information that you sent along with the action steps that I have already started to implement.  Sometimes tackling everything at once without an action plan can seem a bit overwhelming but having it broken down into a more manageable format has been great. I can now prioritize my goals and move forward more easily. Your suggestions for growing my social media profile have already yielded results! You were both so easy to talk to and I felt like you really got where I was trying to go with my business.

Thank you!

Kim Hobby, Archetype Vintage



You can find all of the official details for Brand Therapy here, then decide if a session might be the next step for you and your brand.