Left to Right: Philippe Raimbault Apud Sariacum Sancerre 2011, Scotch Expressions Washi Tape, Poppytalk for Target Paper Plates

Flashback to the beginning of 2014: Suzanne and I were totally psyched about developing a product called the “Betty Box” (yes, you’re MEANT to giggle at that.) It was based on the model of Birchbox and the endless other subscription boxes out there. It would feature items specially curated for savvy women entrepreneurs.

Not long after that, we came to our senses and realized a few things:

  • Subscription boxes are a total fad that we have no idea how long it will last.
  • They require a LOT of work.
  • It would totally suck our focus from design and photography.
  • The project didn’t play to our strengths.

But we still LOVED the idea, so we decided to adapt it so that it DID work for us (and hopefully for you too!).  So starting now, we’re doing our version of the Betty Box. Each month’s feature will revolve around a theme and products we love and adore and want to share with you.  Sometimes they’ll be directly related to business (check out our office supply Betty Box in September). Sometimes they’ll be more geared toward the Betty lifestyle (well designed items that make your everyday a little more pleasurable.)

Now that you know the deal, let’s jump into August and summer entertaining.


Business Betties | August Betty Box Philippe Raimbault Apud Sariacum Sancerre 2011


Philippe Raimbault Apud Sariacum Sancerre 2011

Summertime conjures up daydreams of sitting outdoors at a cafe in Paris, sipping a chilled glass of Rose. While we’re Massachusetts and not France, this Rose certainly hits the spot as we toast with a few friends on sultry August night. We picked up this wine at our favorite locally package store for around $15.

Business Betties | August Betty Box | Scotch Expressions Washi Tape

Scotch Expressions Washi Tape

Wine charms seemed to be the best way around accidentally swapping glasses with a friend. But what if you have a lot of people over? We don’t know many people with 50 wine charms on hand. A cute alternative: this Scotch Expressions washi tape with your guests’ names written with a fine point Sharpie. It comes in a variety of different colors and patterns to match anyone’s style. Available at Staples for $3.49 per roll.

Business Betties | August Betty Box | Poppytalk for Target Paper Plates

Poppytalk for Target Paper Plates

We were excited about these for a couple reasons. First off- Target has been recruiting some of our favorite bloggers to design and curate product lines for them! (You can check out the Poppytalk blog here: www.poppytalk.com) Also- a cute take on paper plates! Paper plates can be a hostess’s best friend (can we say easy peasy cleanup?) These plates (along with the rest of the Poppytalk line) are available at Target for a limited time.


Everything we’ve recommended to you today is something we genuinely like. We weren’t paid by any of the brands or companies listed above.