What is a Betty Box?

Ever since Birchbox became a household name, We loved the idea! Now it seems like there is a box for every possible taste.

Even though the Betties aren’t in the monthly subscription box business, we wanted to create something that featured fabulous goodies for women entrepreneurs just like you.  But those of you who know us, know that we had to do it in our own Betty way.

Each month we personally curate items we’re sure you’ll love. Once we get our hand on them, we use our photography and design superpowers to show you just how awesome they are, and then we give you our honest opinion about each one. These are items we choose because we think they’re beautiful and clever.

If there’s a product you think we should know about, send us an email at businessbetties[at]gmail[dot]com. It could end up being featured!


Zoya Ultra Pixie Dust Nail Polish in Arianna | Available at Zoya.com and Ulta

Was there a memo saying that once you’re an adult you’re no longer allowed to wear glitter nail polish anymore? If there was, we certainly didn’t get it.

As someone who’s been painting her nails since the day of her kindergarten graduation, I’m going to say that Zoya is a mani game changer. First off- it’s free of all the nasties- things like formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, and phthalates. You know, those pesky chemicals that generally shorten your life span. Secondly, Zoya is vegan friendly, with no animal testing. Fluffy bunnies were not harmed in the creation of our sparkle.

And I can hear you now, “Without all those chemicals, it must not be as good.”

I know that’s sometimes the way it goes with more natural products, but not this time. Zoya polish goes on easier than some of it’s competitors, and it lasts just as long.

Add a little sparkle to your nails this holiday season. If anyone gives you a hard time about wearing glitter nail polish, you can tell them the Betties said it was okay. We’ll back you up.


Gold Sparkle Earrings | Available at Speak Loud

There were squeals of delight when these earrings arrived in our office a few weeks ago. Even Suzanne’s amazing photography can’t get across just how sparkly these earrings are.

These studs are a perfect statement piece for during the day, or a little glitz for a holiday party. They’re about the size of a quarter, but unlike the larger earrings you might be used to, these are as light as a feather.

BettyBox_Dec2014_06ASparkle Cosmetic Pouch Gift Set | Available In-Store Only at Bath and Body Works

Even though these are technically cosmetic pouches, we’re pretty sure that they could double as an adorable clutch as well. Whether you decide to fill them up with makeup brushes or your phone and some spare change, you’re sure to leave a little sparkle wherever you go (literally and figuratively).

Exclusively available in-store at Bath and Body Works, if you consider sparkle to be your favorite color, these bags were practically made for you.



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