Ever since Birchbox became a household name, We loved the idea! Now it seems like there is a box for every possible taste.

Even though the Betties aren’t in the monthly subscription box business, we wanted to create something that featured fabulous goodies for women entrepreneurs just like you. But those of you who know us, know that we had to do it in our own Betty way.

Each month we personally curate items we’re sure you’ll love. Once we get our hand on them, we use our photography and design superpowers to show you just how awesome they are, and then we give you our honest opinion about each one. These are items we choose because we think they’re beautiful and clever.

If there’s a product you think we should know about, send us an email. It could end up being featured!

A Twist on this month’s Betty Box: We’re Giving it Away!

Our generous contributors have provided us with gifts for you. Read through the contest details and rules at the end of the post, and this Galentine’s day, you could be treatin yo’ self.


Betty Box | Business Betties | Blue Apron

Pictured Above: Blue Apron meal: roasted rib roast, smashed potatoes, roasted root veggies.


1. Blue Apron | Available at BlueApron.com

Are you in a dinner rut? Feel like you’ve eaten the same ol’ thing every day this week? We feel you. It’d be so much easier to try something new if you didn’t have to search Pinterest for hours looking for the perfect recipe, and then play your own version of Supermarket Sweep  on the way home from the office.

This is why Blue Apron is brilliant. They’ve done all of the hard work for you. All of the shopping, measuring, recipe hunting is finished by the time that your Blue Apron box arrives on your doorstep (perfectly chilled.)

Yes, you still have to cook, but with a glass of wine in hand, this can be the fun part! Whether it’s with a date, or your best gal, a delicious meal is a wonderful way to spend any evening. Now if they only sent someone to do the dishes…

Betty Box | Business Betties | Lush


2. Lush Cosmetics Lots of Love Gift Box | Available at Lush.com

You’ve probably noticed a pattern in our past few Betty Box posts. We fully believe in using beauty products without nasty chemicals and animal testing, and if we’re going to recommend a product to you, it certainly best fit those criteria.

With that in mind, meet Lush: An oasis of self-care with a conscience. In the Lush stores you’ll find everything from shower gels, to bath bombs to moisturizers, all having these things in common: fresh, organic, fairly sourced ingredients with absolutely no animal testing. This isn’t their latest marketing ploy either. Their company was built on these values, and they fiercely oppose companies engaging in “green-washing”.

Now let’s get to the Lots of Love box specifically. Inside you’ll find:

Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream / Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie / A French Kiss Bubble Bar / Love Locket Bath Bomb / Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar / Chou Chou… I Love You Toothy Tab / Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

(Whoa, look at this! The Love Locket Bath Bomb creates an explosion of pink hearts in your tub!)

This gift set is guaranteed to bring your sexy back (whatever your definition of sexy might be). Treat yourself, or share with a friend. Wink wink.


Betty Box | Business Betties | Taza Chocolate


3. Taza Chocolate –Taste of Taza Gift Box | Available at TazaChocolate.com

How many people have experienced truly magnificent chocolate? Not the stuff you find at the checkout lane in the grocery store. Not the eggs left for you by the Easter Bunny, and certainly not the stuff your neighbor’s kid is selling for her elementary school. We’re talking organic, fair trade chocolate stone ground and blended in the Mexican tradition. This is the type of chocolate that can send you into a state of bliss with one bite.

You can order some of Taza‘s delicious cacao concoctions online, in higher end stores like Whole Foods, but if you’re in the Boston area, take a trip to their headquarters in Somerville, MA. You can schedule a tour and see how the sweet treats are made, or just skip right to the factory store.

The Taste of Taza Gift Box Includes:

(1) 8oz Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs / (1) 2.5oz Coconut Amaze Bar / (1) 2.5oz Raspberry Nib Crunch Amaze Bar /  (1) 3oz Dominican 70% Dark Bar / (3) 2.7oz Assorted Dark Chocolate Mexicano Discs: Cinnamon, Guajillo Chili, 85% Super Dark / (1) 2oz Roasted Cacao Nibs Dar




 All this could be yours! Here’s how:

Use the entry form below. You have up to ten chances to score this luxurious gift set.

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That’s it you’re done! The winner will be announced on February 25, 2015. (You must enter by 11:59pm on February 23, 2015)


(We’ve changed up the entry format for this giveaway- if you have entered before February 12th, there’s no need to re-enter, your name is still in the running)


Contest Rules and Info:

– You must be on our newsletter mailing list to be eligible.

– Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm EST on February 23, 2015.

– You may enter up to ten times for ten entries.

– One entry will be chosen at random and announced on February 25, 2015.

– Winner will receive the items listed above.

– Winner must be 18 years or older, and located in the continental US.

– Winner agrees to post a photo of prize or send to us by email.

– Failure to abide in contest rules voids all entries


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