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It seems only fair that after spending an entire day in May celebrating our mothers, we should give dear ol’ Dad a few props in June. Picking up something special for my Mom is always a no-brainer, but when it comes to getting that perfect something for my Dad that will knock his socks off, it might as well be rocket science (and I am NO rocket scientist).


In our Betty Box this month, we have a few suggestions for your Dad, or maybe even something for the father of your adorable little angels. They’re the perfect little tokens of affection, without being overly sappy.

Betty Box, Business Betties, Krave Jerky, TrackR, Red Dot Laser Engraving

TrackR | Available at thetrackr.com

TrackR is the perfect gift for the Dad who would lose his head, were it not attached to his body. TrackR is a GPS location device that you can attach to whatever you lose most often. There’s a card you can slip into your wallet, a toggle for your key ring, and stickers you can put virtually anywhere. There’s even an adapter to add TrackR to Fluffy’s collar, just in case Dad’s TRUE favorite child happens to wander off.

TrackR connects to an app on your phone that allows you to play Marco Polo with your misplaced objects- letting you know if you’re getting hotter or colder as you search. The app will also ring your item, so if it’s hiding between the couch cushions, you’re sure to hear it. And if it’s your phone that’s lost, the app can work in reverse. Just press the button on any of your TrackR devices, and your phone will ring.

Betty Box, Business Betties, Krave Jerky, TrackR, Red Dot Laser Engraving

Laser Etched Monogram Pint Glasses | Available at Red Dot Laser Engraving

If the Dad in your life likes to sit down after a long day and decompress with a frosty cold beer and few of his buddies, then consider these laser etched pint glasses. Personalized with his initials, they provide him with the perfect opportunity to drink up, while letting all of his friends know who’s boss.

Betty Box, Business Betties, Krave Jerky, TrackR, Red Dot Laser Engraving

Krave Jerky | Available at KraveJerky.com, or find a retailer near you: https://www.kravejerky.com/location

Krave is the jerky I’ve been craving for years. Gourmet flavors, real ingredients; it’s the perfect protein on the go. Available in beef, pork and turkey, featuring mouthwatering flavor combinations like basil citrus and chili lime, your dad will have the tastiest, fanciest snack pack on his next camping trip.