What is a Betty Box?

Ever since Birchbox became a household name, We loved the idea! Now it seems like there is a box for every possible taste.

Even though the Betties aren’t in the monthly subscription box business, we wanted to create something that featured fabulous goodies for women entrepreneurs just like you.  But those of you who know us, know that we had to do it in our own Betty way.

Each month we personally curate items we’re sure you’ll love. Once we get our hand on them, we use our photography and design superpowers to show you just how awesome they are, and then we give you our honest opinion about each one. These are items we choose because we think they’re beautiful and clever.

If there’s a product you think we should know about, send us an email at businessbetties[at]gmail[dot]com. It could end up being featured!

Planes, trains and automobiles are most likely in your not-so-distant future. We know many of you will be spending the holiday season moving from one relative’s house to the next, so in order to make your travel as pleasant as possible, in this month’s Betty Box, we’re sharing with you the items we never leave home without.

Betty Box | November 2014 | Travel Accessories

Magic Stick by Power Rocks | Available at Power Rocks USA

Ok, let’s get the giggles out of the way first. We know the name might be a little suggestive, but that’s totally not where we’re going with this. Now that our 13 year old selves have been handled, let’s get down to some serious business. Making sure that all of our devices are fully charged at all times can be a tricky situation, especially if you’re not always next to a power outlet. The Magic Stick is the answer to your charging prayers, whether you’re a little bit Apple, or a little more. Best of all, it comes in 8 pretty colors and holds up to two full charges before you need to re-juice.

Betty Box | November 2014 | Travel Accessories

Saphar Collection Shawl in Candy Purple | Available at Shawl Wallah

A shawl is the perfect multi purpose travel accessory. Is there a chill in the air or a few flakes floating around? Wrap that bad girl around your neck and warm right up. Things getting a little frosty in your economy seat at 13,000 feet? A shawl converts perfectly into a blanket with nothing extra for you to carry.

There are several things we adore about this shawl, beside the color, because that’s just a given. First of all, it’s so soft. And that’s because it’s been created by artisans in Kashmir, Northern India from the wool of kindly treated Pashmina goats. Secondly, 20% of the sale price is returned to Save the Children to help fund child protection and education projects in Kashmir. This shawl gives you more than one reason to feel warm and fuzzy.

Betty Box | November 2014 | Travel Accessories

Midway Weekender bag in Sky Stripes | Available at Po Campo

Having the right luggage for a short trip is essential. You want to have things organized without carrying around a big-ass bag. A weekender bag is the perfect solution, and this bag from Po Campo is the ultimate. Made from waxed canvas and vegan “leather”, the Midway is lined with bright pink fabric (we can’t even tell you how much we love that…) has a separate compartment for your shoes, a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, and a strap for your yoga mat (or your umbrella if you’re not a yogi).  Who says you can’t be practical and pretty?




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