What is a Betty Box?

Ever since Birchbox became a household name, We loved the idea! Now it seems like there is a box for every possible taste.

Even though the Betties aren’t in the monthly subscription box business, we wanted to create something that featured fabulous goodies for women entrepreneurs just like you.  But those of you who know us, know that we had to do it in our own Betty way.

Each month we personally curate items we’re sure you’ll love. Once we get our hand on them, we use our photography and design superpowers to show you just how awesome they are, and then we give you our honest opinion about each one. These are items we choose because we think they’re beautiful and clever.

If there’s a product you think we should know about, send us an email at businessbetties[at]gmail[dot]com. It could end up being featured!

Coffee is the fuel that keeps many of us entrepreneurs going, but we recognize that coffee might not be everyone’s cup of tea. (Badump bump. We’re here all night, ladies!) This month’s Betty Box features our favorite ways to sit down for a cuppa. Whether it’s a hot cup of java, or a steaming mug of green tea is more your speed, you’ll find something perfect for you.

Business Betties | Betty Box | October | Coffee and Tea

Tie Tea Mug by Le Mouton & Co | Available at Amazon

It’s happened to all of us. You’re sitting there, gently sipping your delicious chamomile, and before you know what’s going on, you see the string and tag slip under the water. The next few minutes are spent trying to rescue the bag awkwardly with with a spoon. Good news for us- someone has felt our pain and discovered a solution! (One so simple you will wish you thought of it yourself.)
The Tea Tie Mug lets you wrap the string of your tea bag around two little slits at the top of the mug. No more disappearing acts. And, if that weren’t special enough, it comes in both right and left handed versions.

HiCAF® Gingermint Green Tea | Available at The Republic of Tea

If you don’t like the taste of coffee, but desperately need an extra spring in your step, may we suggest The Republic of Tea’s new line of HiCaf teas? We’ve tried the Gingermint, which in addition to the extra zip, will also provide some soothing to that nervous tummy. Other flavors include Toasted Coconut Black, Pom-Berry Black, and Caramel Black.

Business Betties | Betty Box | October | Coffee and Tea

MistoBox | Available on MistoBox.com

The monthly subscription box- it started with BirchBox, and now extends to everything from doggie treats to lady products. When researching this month’s Betty Box, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a monthly coffee subscription? So I did a little Googling, and behold, I found MistoBox, and it was good.
This isn’t just any coffee. This is carefully curated, fair trade, single roast coffee that any coffee connoisseur would love.  Each month you receive four different roasts, with a tasting card to guide you along the wonderful flavor journey. At only $20 a month, it’s the perfect treat for yourself, or a home-run holiday gift for a coffee loving friend (wink-wink).

Business Betties | Betty Box | October | Coffee and Tea

But First, Coffee Travel Mug | Available at Ban.do

The people that know me best know better than to attempt conversation before my morning coffee. If we’re being honest, I might need this phrase as a t shirt or a tattoo instead of just a travel mug. But for now, a travel mug will do. And with adorable hand lettering and a pretty pink top, it does more than just get by. It caffeinates and accessorizes, all at once.




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