August marks the one year anniversary of the Betty Box. Not familiar with the Betty Box? Let us explain:

Ever since Birchbox became a household name, We loved the idea! Now it seems like there is a box for every possible taste.

Even though the Betties aren’t in the monthly subscription box business, we wanted to create something that featured fabulous goodies for women entrepreneurs just like you.

Each month we personally curate items we’re sure you’ll love. Once we get our hands on them, we use our photography and design superpowers to show you just how awesome they are, and then we give you our honest opinion about each one. These are items we choose because we think they’re beautiful and clever.

This month we’ve selected a few of our favorite features, from 2014-2015. Some of these creators and retailers have even offered some very special discounts, just for you!


Business Betties | Betty Box July 2015

Midway Weekender bag in Sky Stripes | Available at Po Campo

Use the coupon code “Betty15″ for 15% off anything in the shop. (Expires 12/31/2015)

Having the right luggage for a short trip is essential. You want to have things organized without carrying around a big-ass bag. A weekender bag is the perfect solution, and this bag from Po Campo is the ultimate. Made from waxed canvas and vegan “leather”, the Midway is lined with bright pink fabric (we can’t even tell you how much we love that…) has a separate compartment for your shoes, a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, and a strap for your yoga mat (or your umbrella if you’re not a yogi).  Who says you can’t be practical and pretty?

Business Betties | The Betty Box | July 2015

Zoya Ultra Pixie Dust Nail Polish in Arianna | Available at and Ulta

Free shipping over $55, Free gift on orders over $30.

Was there a memo saying that once you’re an adult you’re no longer allowed to wear glitter nail polish anymore? If there was, we certainly didn’t get it.

As someone who’s been painting her nails since the day of her kindergarten graduation, I’m going to say that Zoya is a mani game changer. First off- it’s free of all the nasties- things like formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, and phthalates. You know, those pesky chemicals that generally shorten your life span. Secondly, Zoya is vegan friendly, with no animal testing. Fluffy bunnies were not harmed in the creation of our sparkle.

And I can hear you now, “Without all those chemicals, it must not be as good.”

I know that’s sometimes the way it goes with more natural products, but not this time. Zoya polish goes on easier than some of it’s competitors, and it lasts just as long.

Add a little sparkle to your nails this holiday season. If anyone gives you a hard time about wearing glitter nail polish, you can tell them the Betties said it was okay. We’ll back you up.

Business Betties | Betty Box | October | Coffee and Tea

MistoBox | Available on

Enter to win a year supply of coffee on the MistoBox site!

The monthly subscription box- it started with BirchBox, and now extends to everything from doggie treats to lady products. When researching this month’s Betty Box, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a monthly coffee subscription? So I did a little Googling, and behold, I found MistoBox, and it was good.
This isn’t just any coffee. This is carefully curated, fair trade, single roast coffee that any coffee connoisseur would love.  Each month you receive four different roasts, with a tasting card to guide you along the wonderful flavor journey. At only $20 a month, it’s the perfect treat for yourself, or a home-run holiday gift for a coffee loving friend (wink-wink).

Business Betties | Betty Box | Office Supplies for Stylish Women Entrepreneurs

Lexon Desk Tools in Grey | available at See Jane Work

Free shipping on orders over $50 for all of July.

This combination of calculator, stapler and tape dispenser is the trifecta of mod desk tools. With their cool grey (they are available in brighter colors like green and purple) geometric exterior and labeled in the much loved font, Helvetica, on the top, they are far from boring.  They’re also very helpful. Weren’t sure which item on your desk is the stapler? Don’t worry, you’ve got this.

Betty Box, Business Betties

TrackR | Available at

Right now: refer 1 friend and get a free TrackR.

TrackR is the perfect gift for the Dad who would lose his head, were it not attached to his body. TrackR is a GPS location device that you can attach to whatever you lose most often. There’s a card you can slip into your wallet, a toggle for your key ring, and stickers you can put virtually anywhere. There’s even an adapter to add TrackR to Fluffy’s collar, just in case Dad’s TRUE favorite child happens to wander off.

TrackR connects to an app on your phone that allows you to play Marco Polo with your misplaced objects- letting you know if you’re getting hotter or colder as you search. The app will also ring your item, so if it’s hiding between the couch cushions, you’re sure to hear it. And if it’s your phone that’s lost, the app can work in reverse. Just press the button on any of your TrackR devices, and your phone will ring.

Business Betties, Betty Box

Mantra Bands | Available at

Free shipping on all orders.

Who doesn’t need a reminder of what’s important in life every now and then?

Mantra Bands are delicate cuff bracelets, available in silver, gold, and rose gold finishes with a large variety of positive messages. Maybe your mom is little but fierce, a warrior, or simply your sunshine; the Mantra Band is a fashionable way to tell your mom how special she is to you in a way that she can see every day. There are over 50 different mantras to choose from, leaving you and your mom with unlimited amounts of inspiration.

We’re already planning on giving Mantra Bands as birthday and Christmas gifts as well. And, well, getting some for ourselves. Because “La Vie Est Belle”, and we need to remember that.

Business Betties Betty Box

Half Toe Bella Grip Socks |  Available at

Save 10% when you sign up for the ToeSox newsletter.

Are you a yoga goddess? Or maybe a Barre bunny? Then you know what it’s like to have your feet slip sliding around on your mat as soon as you break a sweat. Trying to hold warrior one position on a slick surface is a losing battle. A little grip can go a long way in keeping you grounded.

ToeSox offers many styles of grip socks, the Bella being our favorite. With the half toe and open top, your feet remain cool and dry while you remain in perfect form. They’re offered in colors and patterns that range from practical solid black, cute heart patterns, to girly socks with ruffles.

Also pictured: Knee High Leg Warmers in Coral

Betty Box, Business Betties

KIND | Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein: Available at and Your Local Grocery Store

15% off when you sign up to receive their emails.

Before we go into all of the adult-like, responsible reasons you should love KIND bars, let’s just skip to what you really want to know. They’re absolutely delicious.

Besides being absolutely delicious, they’re made entirely from REAL ingredients that you can actually pronounce, and are certified non-GMO. Plus they hit that sweet balance of protein and carbohydrates that gets our motors running smoothly.

If chocolate and peanut butter isn’t your thing, KIND has many other mouth-water flavor concoctions like Almond and Apricot, Blueberry Vanilla Cashew, or Honey Mustard. (We’ve counted somewhere around 50 different flavors. Something for all your tastebuds.)

Betty Box | Business Betties | Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate –Taste of Taza Gift Box | Available at

How many people have experienced truly magnificent chocolate? Not the stuff you find at the checkout lane in the grocery store. Not the eggs left for you by the Easter Bunny, and certainly not the stuff your neighbor’s kid is selling for her elementary school. We’re talking organic, fair trade chocolate stone ground and blended in the Mexican tradition. This is the type of chocolate that can send you into a state of bliss with one bite.

You can order some of Taza‘s delicious cacao concoctions online, in higher end stores like Whole Foods, but if you’re in the Boston area, take a trip to their headquarters in Somerville, MA. You can schedule a tour and see how the sweet treats are made, or just skip right to the factory store.



Did you like the products we picked this year? If so, take a look at some of the items that have made the Betty Box in the past. And if you’re liking what’s going on with the photography in these photos, well, that’s all Suzanne. See more of her product photography here. 


Business Betties is not an affiliate with any of the products or companies listed above. We’ve shared them with you simply because we think they’re awesome!