We know you’re busy.

But to stay on top of her game, a lady’s got to learn.

Instead of letting you waste valuable time sifting through the plethora of information, facts, and random trivia (and cat videos, who are we kidding) on the internet, we’ve put together a list of Betty approved blogs, sure to be worthy of your precious hours and minutes.





It’s time for some Levo LOVE!

Levo is one of our first stops when looking for inspiration and professional resources- interviews, articles, videos, and job listings.

This women’s organization has chapters internationally and caters not only to entrepreneurs, but professional women in general (so if you’re in need of some advice about how to ask your boss for a raise, you’ll find that here, as well).

After visiting the Levo website, be sure to follow them on social media. Their Instagram account has gorgeously styled quotes to give you a much-needed kick in the pants, and their Pinterest feed features all of their best articles.

Full disclosure, we also love that Levo uses Better Than Stock photos for the blog posts. Can we take a moment to appreciate the power of a professional image paired with some mighty words?



By Regina

Every time I read this blog, I rub my eyes in disbelief over the amount of quality information available for FREE. As two chicks that put out a fair amount of content, this blog has been absolutely invaluable.

Are you what Regina calls, an “infopreneur”? Do you sell your hard earned knowledge and expertise via ebooks, webinars, or online courses? Then, you, dear infopreneur, need to set aside a weekend to absorb all of the knowledge dropped on this site- and then spend the next year putting it into practice.



Nectar Collective


If you’ve been struggling with blogging and social media as part of your business, then the Nectar Collective will be your saving grace.


No one reading your blog? There’s a post for that.

Have no idea what to say to your email list? There’s a post for that.

No one liking your Instagram selfies? There’s a post for that too.


You get the idea.



The Lady Project

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.09.44 PM

You may have heard of the Lady Project before. (Remember when we name-dropped them here, here, and here?) Well, the Lady Project now has a blog, written and maintained by members (like me).


Each month’s topic focuses on different interpretation of the same theme. This month you can read about what these professional women have to say about failure. (That didn’t sound very enticing, did it? But failure is a part of life (and business), and we promise, this’ll be the best take on failure you’ve read in a while.)





How can we not love a lady who touts herself as “The Classy Entrepreneur” and wants to teach you to be “more delightful online”?


The founder of Olyvia, Erika (confusing, we know), shares her PR savvy in the most sleeze free, anti-ick way possible. If you’re tired so-called experts suggesting that you employ marketing tactics that make your stomach turn and your skin crawl, then Olyvia (or Erika…) will be a refreshing change of pace for you.


With post titles like “3 Things That Will Sweeten Anyone’s Blog Traffic”, we’re sure that you (and your bottom line) will find Olyvia utterly delightful.


(Oh, and Olyvia uses Better Than Stock images as well. Are you ready to join some good company?)




Who did we forget? Share your favorite business building blogs in the comments below!