Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum, which means that we’re constantly reading, watching, listening to get new ideas, and just be the best Betties we can be. We love sharing a little knowledge, so we’ve put together a list of things that are on the top of our list to read and watch which we’ve lovingly deemed the “Monthly Dose” (though at this point, it’s been more of a bi-annual event. Oops).

In this post, we’ll share our long running favorites. Some of them are blogs, some of them are videos, magazines, and of course, books. One thing they all have in common, they’re completely awesome and amazingly valuable.


Tara Mohr- Playing Big

I devoured this book by Tara Mohr in just a few days (So quickly in fact, I really want to go back, re-read, and fully complete all of the workbook sections).

The main question of the book is this- “With all of the ways professional women are struggling for equal billing (in pay and status), what are the ways that you’re holding yourself back?”

What struck me hard was that the answers to this question were often very, very subtle. They were frequently behaviors that I never gave a second thought to. Things like language we use to diminish our power, or procrastination that disguises itself as “being prepared”.

If you’ve caught yourself staying small are ready to put that behind you and play with the big boys and girls, this book is at the top of my recommended reading list. (Literally. Look- it’s number one!)


#Girlboss- Sophia Amoruso

This memoir, written by the founder of clothing retailer, Nasty Gal, proves that it’s not the education, the funding, or the power suit that makes the entrepreneur; it’s the passion.

Starting her business by digging through thrift store racks, pulling all-nighters tending to her Ebay store, and guerrilla marketing like a boss, Sophia is in no sense of the word a traditional CEO, but that’s what makes this book so brilliant. The author tells many an exciting tale of her life before her business was wildly successful, including dumpster diving for bagels- on several occasions.

My biggest takeaways- dare to be and do different. Trust your gut. Hustle. Learn as you go.



Daily Worth

As a woman, there is a power in being aware of and in control of your money. Unfortunately, many of us are raised to believe that it’s a taboo subject, or that we’re simply not and never will be “good at it”.

That, my darlings, is why there’s a website devoted entirely to helping professional women develop a healthy relationship with their bank account. Topics range from earning, saving, and investing to those deep-seated money issues that keep you awake at night.

While you’re here, be sure to sign up for the Daily Worth email list. Their notes are always a must read in my inbox.


Jess Lively

It’s easy as a business owner to get stuck in the every day nitty-gritty and forget about the bigger picture- what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and knowing whether we’re being true to ourselves in the process.

Jess Lively’s blog and podcast series is all about creating a life and business built on intention and around YOUR value system. While you’re on her site, take a pop over to her shop, where you can find cute wearables to beautifully and subtly remind you of your intentions- temporary tattoos, jewelry, and totes (and art prints to boot!).



MORE Magazine

This has been the magazine I’ve been craving, and I came upon it completely by accident. I was handed a few issues by my aunt, who had received it as a replacement to one of her subscriptions that had gone out of print. It wasn’t her thing, but she thought it might be mine, so she passed it on.

And I’m so happy that she did. With the tagline, “For Women of Style and Substance”, it covers all the topics that fascinate us here at Betty HQ. In between the covers of MORE, you’ll find career profiles, along with pieces about money, home, and fashion, tailored to professional women.

To top it off, they feature covers and articles with powerful and successful women. These articles pose deep and intriguing questions, busting through those annoyingly superficial and average questions posed by so many newsstand reads. It’s about time someone recognized that women have opinions on more than shopping and weight loss!


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