Our client Carrie came to us with a challenge- to change her entire look. From logo, to business cards, to website. Her current brand just wasn’t cutting it when it came to bringing in buyers in the luxury real estate market.

Here is the look we went with. Classic, elegant and upscale. For many of the elements, we went with high end finishes- gold foil on the business cards, and heavy stock for many of the printed materials. After all, if someone is going to be spending over a million dollars with you, every step of the buying experience should make them feel like they’re getting their money’s worth.

Business Betties | Carrie Realty Group Branding

One thing that makes both Suzanne and I cringe is the stiff, insincere business portraits used by many realtors.  A realtor is someone you’re going to be spending a good amount of time with, and trusting to help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life. What you want is someone who comes across as not only professional and trustworthy, but also approachable. In Carrie’s portraits, we coordinated with her before her photo session to wear clothing and accessories that tied in with the color and feel of her brand. Just one more layer tying things together.

Business Betties | Carrie Real Estate Branding

Styled Desktop Photo available at Better Than Stock.


2016 is right around the corner and you may be thinking that your branding could use a little something. A pick me up. A makeover. A complete overhaul. We’re down for the challenge.

Business Betties is filling in it’s calendar for 2016 with women entrepreneurs who are interested in branding, web design, and photography. Will one of those women be you? (We sure hope so.)

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