In the past few weeks we’ve explained to you the features of Brand Therapy, we’ve gone step by step through the process, and answered your questions. Today we’re going to level with you and tell you what we’re really offering– clarity, confidence, and motivation.



Brand Therapy gives you clarity by supplying you with a branding plan specifically tailored to your business. No cookie-cutter, one size fits all advice here.



Brand Therapy gives you confidence by encouraging you to present your brand authentically. Our process uncovers your true identity, so that you can develop a brand that celebrates it instead of hides it.

Not to mention, when you look good, you feel good, and Betty, when we’re done with you, you’re going to look GOOD.



Brand Therapy will boost your motivation by providing you with the direction that you’ve been lacking. We send your procrastination packing by creating clear and measurable goals that will quickly have you seeing results in the overall look of your business.

And, nothing lights a fire under your ass like having two Business Betties cheering you on through your branding process.


Let’s not forget the valuable currency that Brand Therapy will SAVE you, as well– time, money, and frustration.



Brand Therapy will prevent you from wasting your time with shot-in-the-dark branding tactics. Instead of throwing ideas against the wall and seeing what sticks, we’ll give you a clear plan with tried and true branding strategies formulated just for you.



Brand Therapy will keep the dollars in your bank account by saving you from the trial and error method of branding. A business card template here, a stock photo there, after a while, things really start to add up. We’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t so you can skip the guesswork and only spend your money on things that will bring you results.



Brand Therapy eliminates frustration by breaking down your action plan into easy to manage, bite size pieces. By removing the overwhelming, don’t-know-where-to-start tasks, we let you get to work so you can start knocking things off your list like a champ.


What could you do with more clarity, confidence, and motivation?


Build your client base? Launch your product line? Increase your income? Become one of the most recognized names in your field?




Sign up for your Brand Therapy session today.

For only $295, you’ll gain more time, more money, and more sanity.


Have some questions before you take the plunge? Check out our Brand Therapy FAQs. Still have questions? Send us a note.



A Few Words From Someone Who’s Been There

Dear Allison and Suzanne,

My Brand Therapy session goals were to obtain a fresh perspective on my brand in all aspects of marketing, social media, customer experience and overall product appeal. The feedback and insights you gave me were incredibly informative and insightful and will help in crafting a brand that I can be proud to call my own. I greatly appreciated the detailed follow up information that you sent along with the action steps that I have already started to implement.  Sometimes tackling everything at once without an action plan can seem a bit overwhelming but having it broken down into a more manageable format has been great. I can now prioritize my goals and move forward more easily. Your suggestions for growing my social media profile have already yielded results! You were both so easy to talk to and I felt like you really got where I was trying to go with my business.

Thank you!

Kim Hobby, Archetype Vintage