It can be difficult to take the plunge on an investment for your business with unanswered questions floating around in your brain. That’s why we’ve collected our most frequently asked questions about our Brand Therapy Sessions and answered them below.

What is Brand Therapy?

Brand Therapy is your opportunity to have two branding experts all to yourself for an hour. Through a series of worksheets, conversations, and the review of your marketing materials, we provide you with feedback, action steps and resources to turn your brand into something beautiful and memorable.


How will Brand Therapy help me?

Simply put, Brand Therapy is here to get you un-stuck. If your brand clearly isn’t working and you don’t know why, if you don’t know what direction to take, or what your next step should be, Brand Therapy was made for you. We’ll point out the roadblocks, show you how to remove them so that you can take your business to the next level.


Is Brand Therapy the right fit for me?

Brand Therapy is perfect if you’re a DIY-er who likes to roll up her sleeves and do the majority of the work on your business yourself.

It’s also great for you ladies who have no idea what direction to take your brand. You’re not opposed to hiring someone to do the work, if only you knew what you needed or where to start.


I don’t have a brand yet. Can Brand Therapy help me?

Absolutely. If you have no brand at all, we can put you on the road to developing one.


How much time will this take?

We expect that a thoughtfully filled out pre-call questionnaire should take you about an hour and a half to two hours. Gathering and sending us your current marketing materials will take another half hour. Our Skype session together will be one hour.

After that, the time that you spend is up to you. We’ll have given you a very specific action plan with items that may take you five minutes to 6 weeks.

You can get a feel of how much time and effort is involved by reading this blog post giving you a behind the scenes look on one of our most recent Brand Therapy Sessions.


What do I get for my money?
  1. Two prepared Business Betties
  2. A pre-call questionnaire, instructions, and assignment (so we’re raring to go)
  3. One hour-long call (or Skype, Screenshare – we’re not picky)
  4. A during-call worksheet to keep us on track
  5. One follow-up document packed with suggestions, action steps, and resources delivered to you within one week
  6. $100 credit toward a Business Betties Logo Design Project


How can I make the most out of my Brand Therapy session?

Take the time to fill out your pre-call questionnaire honestly and thoughtfully. Send us all of your marketing materials as soon as you can after booking your session. (The more time we have with them, the better advice we’ll have for you!) Book a time for your Skype session when you won’t feel rushed or have a lot of distractions. Have your in-session worksheet at the ready during the call. Ask questions! Take notes, take action.


What should I do after my Brand Therapy session?

About a week after your Brand Therapy session you’ll receive a full write up of our conversation along with our recommended action steps broken down into manageable tasks. Pick a task and run with it! Before you know it, you’ll have a brand you’re proud to call your own. The Brand Therapy session is only valuable if you’re willing to put in the work once we’re done.


Have a question we haven’t thought of? Let us know in the comments below.