Creating your brand is only the first, very small step in the whole branding process. Once you have a shiny new logo, and gorgeous color palette, and a kick ass set of fonts, you’re ready for the giant leap of setting all these brand elements into motion.

If you’re RE-branding, then this job can be a tall order. It’s out with the old and in with the new (Hey, maybe we should have saved this post for January 1st, it could have been a theme!). It would almost be easier if you were starting from scratch, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting things here and there and totally crashing your brand consistency.

That’s where the danger lies. Losing your brand consistency in the middle of the branding process. This can happen in a variety of ways, but here are the most common: transitioning to the new brand too slowly, or forgetting to replace every trace of your old brand.

So what’s an acceptable amount of time to transition to a new brand?

3 months, max. We get it, it takes time, and it takes money to get all your branding ducks in a row. Which is why the transition process is going to require some planning on your part. Before you release your new brand to the world, be working on the checklist below. Changing things slowly over the course of a year is going to leave your message watered down, and will ultimately confuse your poor audience. That’s not what you set out to do. With a smidge of forethought and multitasking, your brand can be released in a relatively short period of time.

Where do I apply my new branding materials?

Glad you asked. People always remember the biggies like their website or their business cards, but then forget small things like their Linked In profile. And that’s why this checklist exists.


The Betties’ Branding Checklist

Website –  Update Logo, Colors, and Fonts, Favicon

Facebook –  Cover Photo and Profile Image –  Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts

Pinterest –  Profile Image –  Hard Pin Graphic –  Pins Promoting your Content or Product

Twitter –  Profile Image –  Page Background

Instagram –  Profile Image –  Your Branded Instagram Images

Linked In –  Your Profile Image –  Your Background Image

Youtube –  Banner Image –  Ads –  Videos

Blogs –  Your Blog –  Places You Guest Blog

Etsy –  Profile Image –  Shop Banner –  About Page

Professional Membership Sites –  Your Profile Image –  Possibly a background image

Online Advertising –  Banner Ads

Print Advertising –  Newspapers, Magazines

Stationery –  Business Cards –  Letterhead –  Address Labels –  Brochures –  Note Cards / Thank You Cards –  Invoices –  Contracts

Promotional Materials –  Items such as pens, mugs, and general SWAG

Displays –  Trade show banners, tablecloths

Free Downloads

Media Kit


E-newsletter –  Signup form –  Newsletter Template

Payment Processing Portals (like Paypal)

Email Signature

Watermarks (for you visual artists)


Television Ads



This list wasn’t designed to overwhelm you.

Now that I’ve typed it out, I am totally aware of how HUGE this task appears. But, this list was developed to put your mind at ease. No more nagging voices in the back of your mind, swearing up and down that you forgot something (but who knows what that something is…). It’s all on the list.

Was there anything on this list that surprised you? Let us know in the comments below.