It might be cold outside, but that’s no reason for your brand to be giving people the cold shoulder. While the weather outside is frightful take some time to update how you look to others. If you want to have a mind-blowing brand identity here’s four things you can start doing now that will get everyone breathing a little heavier.

Let It All Hang Out

Your main product or service should be obvious to anyone that comes across your brand. If someone has to guess at what you do they’re likely to just leave to find love in other places. This includes your website, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile, business cards, etc.

That’s What She Said

If your business is named “Fluffy’s Dog Grooming” then your photos, fonts, and colors should be soft and, well, fluffy. If you’re using harsh photos and colors then the look and feel of your branding won’t be consistent with your message. Remember, your message isn’t all talk, its visual as well.

Size Matters

Small businesses tend to not use their brand elements (logo, fonts, colors, photos, etc.) enough. You might be sick of seeing Pantone 2935U but its doubtful that everyone else has seen it yet. Get your stuff out there, as much as possible, until people are seeing your images in their sleep. Go big, because bigger really is better.

Get Some Action

Or at least show some action. Your business should stand for something. Just saying you believe in charitable giving isn’t enough. You need to show that your business believes in charity by showing all the ways that you contribute. Remember that a good partner doesn’t just say “I love you” they also take out the trash.

Tweet: Remember, your message isn’t all talk, its visual as well.