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I have a confession to make. As a graphic designer, I judge your business card. Every time I’m handed a card at a networking event, I either compliment the design, or inwardly cringe.

I’ve seen more than my fair share of business card fails in my day, and they can usually be chalked up to one of these 4 faux pas listed below.

Are you an offender?


Forget the Important Details

Business Cards have an important job to do. Their purpose is to share your contact information so that new connection that you just nurtured the hell out of at a networking event can send you an email tomorrow and schedule a lunch date with you.

So it seems the most crucial pieces of information you could leave off of your business card would be your phone number, your email address, and your URL. But I’ve seen it done before. Don’t let that be you. Because if you leave out those essential bits of info, you’re essentially handing out a very pretty (but useless) piece of paper.


Add Too Many Details

A standard business card measures 2” x 3 ½”. Yes, it has two sides to it, but really, how much information do you think you can squeeze in on that tiny piece of real estate?

That was a rhetorical question. Though some people answer by adding a list of every single service in their repertoire along with a brief life story.

Your business card is not the place for any of this. Include as much info as you want on your website, and then direct people there to learn more.

The only way long paragraphs of text in five point font on your business card are going to help you is if you’re an optometrist.


Skimp on Quality

With so many affordable online printing options available now, printing your business cards at home just isn’t an option. Honestly (and respectfully) it makes you look like an amateur. (And even if you are, you don’t have to look like one.) (May we direct you to for all of your inexpensive yet fancy business card printing needs?)

When having your business cards printed, I have two major rules. First, stay away from the obvious template sites. Second, always go for heavier paper. Follow these two rules, and the rest of the tips from this article, and honey, you’ve got it made.


Forget About Your Branding

The easiest way to forget about your branding is by using a business card template site. The temptation is so strong. There are pretty colors and froofy fonts, and it’s just easy. All you have to do is fill in your info and off you go.

By this point, we don’t have to remind of you of the value of a strong brand. You know. Take the extra steps necessary. Upload your logo. Use your brand fonts. Type in your CMYK values.

All of your brand elements reinforce your message and make you and your business memorable. The time (and discipline) required are totally worth it in the end.


Even if you find yourself guilty of one (or all) of the mistakes above, as you can see, they’re all easily fixed!



If this article inspired you to rework your business cards, what do you plan on doing differently this time around? Let us know in the comments below.



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