We’ve wrapped up another project ladies (and gentlemen)! This time around it was for Human Resources specialist, Deana Prest. (Side note- we keep meeting people with such interesting businesses that we didn’t even know were a thing!)

Deana came to us to develop her branding and give her a little place on the web where people could find her and connect with her.  The project started out with a logo (As any good branding project should. No need to do things backwards.)  The goal was to give Deana something classic, timeless, and somewhat gender neutral. She wanted to include some of her own femininity without pushing away her male clients in the manufacturing industries with some pink frillies.

Business Betties | Case Study | Deana Prest, PHR

We then moved onto her business cards. Deana had been hustling to make her rounds at many, many networking events and up until this point had been making due with some Vistaprint cards. They did their job, people knew how to get in touch with her, but they probably weren’t making the impression or impact that she was hoping for.

So here is a list of all the things that the new card has going for it:

  • Her branding is very prominent.
  • The information is clear and easy to read.
  • It makes it obvious what services she offers. (We totally had to ask her when we first met. We had no idea all the things a human resources consultant could do.)
  • It’s beautifully printed on some cardstock with a little weight to it. (No flimsy cards here!)
  • It uses all the real estate available. (Business cards have two sides. Use them!)

Business Betties | Case Study | Deana Prest, PHR

Business Portrait | Business Betties | Deana Prest, PHRSo in between all of the design projects, Deana attended our Build Your Own Betty event where Suzanne created a beautiful business portrait for her to use.  Deana is one of the coolest cucumbers you’ll ever meet, and that definitely comes across in her photo. It’s exactly what you’d want of a person in her profession.

Our last printed piece, before we talk about her website, is a printed trifold brochure.  Deana was looking for something that she could leave behind when she met with potential clients, that not only gave them a way to connect with her later, but also reminded them of all the great things she has to offer.  The brochure was very simple and photo heavy. I like to think that brochures need to have a little bit of that “shiny object” quality. Meaning… You see it across the room sitting on a desk and there’s something about it that draws it to you and almost forces you to pick it up. It could be a color, a photo, an interesting die cut, or some kind of cool printing technique. So in this case we went with photos. We were very careful to pick images of people across many different industries, ages, and ethnicities. Deana works with many different people, and we wanted to make sure no one felt left out or pushed away.

The brand developed in the very beginning is used here again (because if we haven’t said it a million times yet, your brand MUST be consistent.) Most of the information here is given in bullet points with just a couple short and sweet paragraphs. We wanted to quickly answer the main questions everyone has:

Who are you?

What do you do?


What can you do for me?

Business Betties | Case Study | Web Design | Deana Prest, PHR


The piece de resistance, at long last, is the website (click on the image above to check out the site and get the full experience). Like I mentioned before, Deana didn’t need an over the top, full blown website. What she needed was a place that she could direct people to find out a bit more about what she does, and allows people that are looking for her to have an easy way to get in touch.

A few things that make this website work really well:

  • It’s consistent with the brand (still!).
  • It’s image heavy and breaks up the information into tiny bite size portions.
  • The text is large enough to read easily and broken down into short bullet points.
  • Deana’s phone number stays with you as you scroll down the page. You never need to dig to figure out how to contact her.

I met with Deana in a coffee shop early one morning to present her with her new brochures and her flash drive with all of her precious branding files. Everything was wrapped up in crisp white boxes with pretty pink ribbon. As I handed everything over, she smiled brightly and said, “I love it! This is like getting presents!”

That’s what we love to hear.