When we do great work, we get really excited and we want to show it off. Every once in a while, we’ll be writing a a blog post that shares the story of one of our projects and the fascinating clients and businesses behind it.

Business Betties | Case Study: Design Therapy, Michelle Murray, LMHC

So here we go. Our client for this project is Michelle Murray, a licensed mental health counselor.  She’s headed up her own private practice for a while, but this year decided to change the structure of her business, and knew that her branding needed to change to reflect that. She planned on delivering her message to different people, which meant that the message had to be different.

Michelle specializes in working with people who have experienced trauma in their lives. Her one word to describe all of the clients that she works with is “resilient”. With that one word of inspiration, so began our design process.

We learned something quite quickly with this project- the therapy world is littered with marketing and design clichés. During our research it seemed like every therapist we found had some variation of a phoenix or a lotus blossom, or was using photographs of people standing in fields by themselves with their arms raised. In a very short minute it became a hilarious running joke in the Betty office.

So, no standing in wheat fields– what options did that leave us? Besides pointing out their resiliency, Michelle also wanted to let her future clients know that she could offer them a safe and calm space. When we added all of these things together, we decided to use images from nature (What else is more resilient than nature? It just keeps coming back!), but in a bit of an abstract way. Plants like cactus and succulents at first glance seem a little prickly, until you take a moment to look and really see them. Then, miraculously you realize that they are truly delicate and intricate works of art. You follow?

Business Betties | Case Study: Design Therapy, Michelle Murray, LMHC

So we have our nature images, plus a soothing purple and blue green color palette, expertly crafted wording from our copywriter Christine Parizo, and finally a much-needed new business portrait done by Suzanne. The new business portrait was an absolute must-have for this project. Think about it- wouldn’t it calm your nerves a little to know that when you’re stepping into your first session, you’ll recognize that kind, approachable face that you first saw on website when you were debating on whether or not to make an appointment?

Business Betties | Case Study: Design Therapy, Michelle Murray, LMHC

The project laundry list reads as follows:

  • Business Portrait
  • Business Cards
  • Appointment Cards
  • Rack Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Mailing Labels
  • Website

We loved working with Michelle and wish her so much success on this new part of her business journey!