Behind the Scenes of Headshots

When a new client calls or emails us about getting a new business portrait I start by asking some simple questions. And over the last 16 years nearly every client has said the same thing to me in one way or another: “I look terrible in photos”. It’s like they’re trying to warn me that no matter what I do, they are going to look awful. And for those who know me well, it only makes me more determined to completely change their belief.

While every client is different, my approach to photographing them is usually the same. Some of these include: making small talk, finding the best angles, using flattering light, and getting them to smile. Ultimately, my goal is for you have photos you can be proud to show off, and that look like you on your best day.

Today, I have two recent projects I’d like to share. And I’ll talk about what the goals were going in and how I achieved them.

Custom On-Location Headshots

Angela came to me asking for photos she could incorporate into her website. She wanted to get across her casual nature, but also look professional. She also wanted images that showcased her speaking since her business is about public speaking. During our consultation, we came up with a few concepts and scheduled a time.

When I showed up at her office, in an old mill building, I immediately know I was going to get some great shots because the light coming in from the huge windows was beautiful.

By using different angles and setups, I was able to capture enough different images that she could incorporate into her site.




Portrait Event

Photographing people one after the other can be challenging, but the approach I take with each client is the same even though it’s a much shorter interaction. Although clients are paying a smaller fee for this type of portrait, I want the experience to be the same.

The key here is to be well organized ahead of time. With one-on-one clients, I am able to take my time getting them warmed up. But when I only have 10 minutes with each person, I have to condense everything. My goal in this situation is to make sure they get a minimum of two images they can use on social media.

I typically need to work fast in this type of situation but never want clients to feel rushed. In this group of images, I wanted to offer a few different setups so they would have a choice.



Making It Different

Regardless of the situation, my main goal is to make my clients look their best. The clients I’ve worked with have remarked about how comfortable they feel working with me. I think this is what sets me apart. I’m not some big chain photo studio with cheezy backdrops and a teenager whose job it is to push a button. When a client feels comfortable, that is how they look in the photo. This along with the fact that I’ve been photographing for over 16 years. How is that even possible?

If you want to look professional, working with a professional is the way to go.


Need A New Headshot?

If you’re in the market for a new business portrait, send us a note and we can talk about the right location for you and your business!