We love sharing projects with you. And today we’re excited to unveil one of our last projects of 2016. Jen came to us wanting a brand that matches her offbeat vibe. But as a financial advisor, she also needs to be seen as professional and competent.


The Challenge:

To create a brand identity with messaging that clearly explains Jen’s services, attracts her ideal client, and reflects not only who she is but also what she’s like to work with.


Let’s take it from the top…

If we’ve taught you anything is that we start with the branding. It’s the identity of your business and makes you stand out from the rest. We started with perfect logo fonts that mixed the professional with the personable, exuding Jen’s style along with her expertise. The fonts we used for her website and business cards were a clean, classy and bold, again an accurate representation of the business and it’s owner. We kept her color palette sophisticated using black and white, adding in a bits of green which is common in the financial field and finally a pleasant orange to convey the warmth and trust that Jen conveys when working with her clients.


Case Study: Jen Turner, Financial Advisor - Business Betties




Jen is pretty laid back so it was easy to create her headshot. Again, we wanted to convey that she’s a polished, skilled expert who is warm and friendly but also show off her creative sassy side. By using different backgrounds and clothing, we were able to capture several versions for her so she can use her images in lots of different places.


Case Study: Jen Turner, Financial Advisor - Business Betties



Business Card

After the fonts were chosen and photos were taken it was easy to put together a fantastic business card for Jen. Her logo with her business portrait on one side and using her other fabulous fonts with the contact info which resulted in a refined and ready to pass out to potential clients.


Case Study: Jen Turner, Financial Advisor - Business Betties



The piece de resistance

We took the branding we created, a few of her business portraits, the clean look of her business card, and expanded & developed it into her astonishing website. With a one page website it’s important to convey all the information necessary for a client to know who you are and what your business can do for them. It doesn’t hurt to add a touch of personality and polish to it either.


Case Study: Jen Turner, Financial Advisor - Business Betties


Case Study: Jen Turner, Financial Advisor - Business Betties



Want a sneak peek at what Jen can offer you? Check out her guest post about how to get your finances ready for 2017 or visit her website, jendturner.com to read more and contact Jen to get beyond the box business advice!

If your company is looking to update your brand or website, business portrait, or business card drop the Betties a note. We’d love to work with you!