‘Tis (Almost) The Season for Holiday Gifts

It’s the end of October, and we can hear most of you groaning already, “It’s not even Halloween yet, and stores are stocking the shelves with Christmas decorations! It’s not right!”

If that sounds like you, guess what? You’re sure to love this blog post, because we’re set to talk to you all about holiday client gifts.

We know it feels unnatural. There’s not even snow on the ground. (We did have some light snow in Western Massachusetts the other day, but really, we’re not keeping score.) But we have to say, if you’re going to give your clients a special little sumthin’ this holiday season, then right NOW is the time to be thinking about it.


Back it up (insert record scratch noise here). You may not have even realized that giving client gifts is a THING. (It’s totally a thing.) Why would you want to participate in this?

It’s a way to show the people you do business with that you appreciate them. (Aw. That’s nice, isn’t it?)

You maintain good relationships. (Everyone feels warm fuzzies for people who do nice things.)

You make an impression. Not everyone takes the extra step to make thoughtful gestures like a holiday gift. It’s memorable.

You’re top of mind. It may have been a while since you’ve done business with a particular client. Getting something in the mail from you unexpectedly will remind them of how much they enjoyed working with you, and plant a seed in their mind for future business.


YOU get a gift, YOU get a gift, EVERYBODY GETS A GIFT!

So, we say client gifts, but really, we mean anyone who has contributed to the success of your business this year. That includes clients, but also extends to colleagues and partners, mentors, or that lovely person who is a constant source of referrals for you. Remember, this is about appreciation.


What to Give: For the Client Who Has Everything

If it’s the thought that counts, then we’re counting on you to be thoughtful.

Seriously, this is your moment to shine, since not many businesses put much thought into their holiday gift giving. This is evidenced by my huge collection of frisbees, beach balls, and cheap plastic water bottles covered in corporate logos. I don’t need these things. I don’t want these things. What makes your bank think that, since you have a business account, you must obviously need a brightly colored yo yo with their logo on it?





Here’s a few examples:

Tax preparer: A calendar for the new year with all of the important dates circled (like when they should send you all of their tax info!)

Business Coach: A new business card holder so that you clients can feel like real professionals when they’re networking!

Nutritionist: A set of measuring cups for your clients to keep their portion sizes in check.

Even though these are very different professions, the gifts have one thing in common. They’ll get used all the time. Not only will people be impressed that you gave them something that is actually useful, every time they use it, they’ll be thinking of you. That’s called being top of mind, and that’s what gets you business.


Money, Money, Money

Be generous, not extravagant. Your holiday gifts could be something as simple and inexpensive as a small box of chocolates. It truly is the thought that counts. (And the presentation, but we’ll talk about that in a minute.) The best gifts that we’ve seen have cost as little as $3 per client.

Giving can be within any business’s means. You just need to do a little planning. Make gift giving a part of your yearly advertising budget. The most efficient and inexpensive way to get more business is to keep the clients you already have.

Pro tip: the IRS lets you deduct up to $25 per client gift that you give.


It’s the Presentation That Counts

This is where the wow-factor comes in. Don’t drop the ball here!

Include a handwritten note.

Wrap it up and make it pretty- don’t just pop it in a mailer and send it on it’s way.

Use envelopes, tissue, and boxes that coordinate with your brand colors.