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Your logo has a lot to say about your business. And so do your fonts. But do you know what’s been spreading the good (or bad) word about your company, without you even noticing?

Your color choices.

Your brand colors aren’t something to be chosen on a whim. Or decided on purely because they’re your favorite. Colors have a lot to say, so your selection process must be anything but random.

Intentional. Purposeful.

Colors are tied to feelings, industries, and design styles. Today’s post will help you make an informed decision on what colors are right for your brand.


Color Meanings: Blue | Business Betties

Color Family: Blue (and Purple)

Blue is commonly used in the medical industry.

Blue is meant to be calming, like a softly lapping ocean at the shore. Or a clear sky on a sunny day. Even if your business is not in the medical industry, if you’d like to provide your clients with a relaxed and reassured feeling, blue belongs in your brand’s color palette.

Purple is the color of royalty and luxury. Does your product aim to take a woman from worker bee to queen bee with a little bit of pampering and extravagance? Then purple is the hue for you.


Color Meanings: Red | Business Betties

Color Family: Red (and Orange)

Red and orange are often used in the food industry. These colors are scientifically proven to trigger your appetite. (So you can totally blame branding on your last splurge at Mickey D’s and not your lack of willpower.)

Red is a color that invokes passion. (Oh la la!) Passion can be sexy or outraged. It can be sultry or energetic. Does your business possess passion? Paint the brand red.

Orange is energetic. If you think about where you see orange the most (other than the food industry) it’s most likely in athletics. Does your business aim to inspire action? Pick an orange.


Color Meanings: Green | Business Betties

Color Family: Green (and Yellow)

Green is typically used in the financial industry, because green is totally the color of money.

Green is also the color of growth. Spiritual growth, financial growth, literal growth. The choice is yours. Does your business inspire and support people to grow? Green is where it’s at.

Yellow is cheery. Happy. Sunny. It’s vibrant and not for the feint of heart (when it comes to branding). Are you a daredevil with a side of sunshine? Take a chance and choose yellow.


Color Meanings: Black | Business Betties

Color Family: Black (and Gray, and White Too…)

Black and white can be a very modern color palette. It can also be very sophisticated, or even a little stark. It all depends on your branding elements. For example, using a traditional font like Garamond with black and white will give you the refined style of a classy tuxedo. Using a sleek font like Helvetica will provide you with the minimalist feel of a trendy New York fashion house.



Is your brand not spreading the message you thought it was? Need help changing up your color palette to match your business’s true identity? Send us a note. We’d love to help you out.