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Dear Betty,

I’m a multipassionate entrepreneur. I have a lot of different facets to my business. How can I still brand consistently with so many things going on?

Sincerely, Multipassionate in Michigan



Dear Multipassionate,

First, let’s answer this all-important question.

Are your passions similar or different?

Your branding strategy could potentially go in two different directions, and your options are going to depend on your answer to that question.

If your passions are similar, then lucky you, because this is the easier of the two options. Similar or complimentary passions can be grouped together under a single solid brand. For example, if you enjoy graphic design, writing, and photography, you can easily brand yourself as a one stop shop for entrepreneurs looking to build their business.

However, if your passions are as different as night and day (and they usually are), then it’s a little bit more complicated. Let’s say for example, you’re a bookkeeper who is also a yoga teacher. My suggestion would be to develop your personal brand. Create a sort of umbrella for all of your different businesses (because knowing you, multi passionate entrepreneur, you’re sure to build more) to fall under.

Decide the colors, fonts, patterns that reflect YOU and then apply them slightly differently to each business. Chances are, you won’t be marketing to the same people, so confusion is a non-issue.

What you build is one consistent brand with a common element, YOU.

Need some help building that consistent brand? That just happens to be one of our favorite things to do! Send us a note and let’s get this party started.