You’ve probably noticed I’ve been a little quiet here on the blog the last few months. I’m currently working on some updates to the website and you’ll be seeing more of an emphasis on photography. With that in mind, I’m introducing a new feature called “Photos of the Week” where I highlight some interesting images with a little bit of commentary from yours truly.

This is meant to be a fun and interactive so if you come across an interesting image you think I’ll like, please share it!


Distracted Boyfriend

By now you’ve probably seen this photo as part of a meme on Twitter or Facebook. There are all sorts of hilarious versions of this meme. And I love how people have gotten pretty creative with it.

The photographer, Antonio Guillem, is a stock photographer based in Barcelona, Spain.

“I never thought that one of my images will be that popular,” he says. “I didn’t even know what a meme is until recently, when the models started to tell me about the memes that people were doing with our work.”

You can check out an interview with Antonio here.


Interesting Uses of Stock Photos

Sometimes I wonder about how people get an idea for a stock image. I mean come on, why is this guy in a suit under water? Makes you wonder what kind of commute he has. And is that really a waterproof watch?


Ethernet to nowhere:

Ok, gotta love this very literal interpretation. Come on people, we can come up with something a little more abstract. Honestly, they could’ve probably just used a cool photo of cloud here. They really didn’t need the ethernet cable to make their point.


Suzanne’s Pic of the Week

And here’s one of my favorite photos from this week. I’m choosing it because I don’t usually take the time to take a photo of something I’ve made. I was pretty proud of how well this dish turned out.