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All logo designs, whether they’re for a multimillion dollar corporation or a solopreneur, for a jewelry designer or an automobile manufacturer have these four things in common.

Different businesses, different brands, completely different looks- yet they follow the same successful formula.


The Four Elements of a Good Logo



Lots of detail gets lost in a logo design. Instead of making your logo more distinctive and eyecatching, too much detail dilutes the impact. Stylized imagery with clean lines are the way to go.

My favorite mantra when it comes to logo design: “Sometimes more is just more.”


A logo design is the perfect place to show your character and personality with a flourish-y font. Just don’t sacrifice people’s ability to read the name of your business for the sake of that flourish.

If people can’t figure out the name of your business, all the marketing in the world can’t help you.


Many new business owners make the mistake of trying their best to fit in within their industry. They model the look that everyone else is using so they can look professional. While you may look professional, you also become unrecognizable. There’s no reason for anyone to remember your business over the hundreds of other businesses that look exactly the same.

Go for a style that’s all your own and distinguish yourself from the competition.


Every decision that is made when it comes to your logo and branding design must be intentional. Nothing can be left up to chance or whim. Your font, your colors, your symbolism all play a very important role in communicating the voice of your brand.

Do your research before settling on the elements of your logo. Do they have meanings or connotations you didn’t know about, and wouldn’t want associated with your business?


When you look at your logo, are you missing any one of these essential pieces? Which one? And what steps can you take to make your logo stronger?



Don’t have a logo yet, or think your current logo needs more help that you can give? Send us a note. We’d love to work with you.