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Today we’d like to introduce you to multi-passionate entrepreneur, and Featured Betty, Kristina Tsipouras. She is involved in three different businesses and we don’t know how she does it!  She is the co-founder of Boston Business Women, a different type of networking experience for women in Boston and beyond. Women in the group know each other on personal & professional levels, don’t wear suits and never make you wear a name tag! They like to have fun.


What is your secret to creating a conference with 1,000 attendees, kick ass speakers like Arianna Huffington and Joyce Chang in just one short year?

Knowing myself really well and committing myself to the mission everyday for one year. That meant, working nights and weekends and really hustling to make it all happen. I also put together an amazing leadership committee and delegated where I could. We quickly bonded as a team and helped each other throughout the year. Knowing myself really well means knowing when to shut off, when my body and mind need a break, and to always put S.E.N. (sleep, exercise and nutrition) at the top of my priority list, no matter how busy I become. This helped me avoid burn out and kept me healthy, energized and motivated all year.

Kristina Tsipouras, Featured Betty, Business Betties


When did you know to make the leap from being an employee to launching your own company?

It kind of feels as though you are a square trying to fit into a round hole, it just doesn’t work. You never really fit in, you don’t take direction very well because your mind has a different way of doing things. I struggled working for other people my entire career. I disagreed with their priorities, I always wanted to implement a different way of doing things, and I never understood wanting to work for someone else, helping them to reach their goals and dreams. I had too many of my own that I was determined to work on! I got to the point where I would rather waitress or nanny in the evenings to have the freedom to work on my own dreams during the day.

I didn’t care about the paycheck, I always felt suffocated working for someone else, like I didn’t own my own time. Now, when I put together teams and hire employees, it is very entrepreneurial. I give people what they want most, freedom! I don’t care what hours or days they work, I just care that the work gets done. I also don’t care how they do it. I just explain to them the mission behind the work, why it is important, and then let them decide how they want to go about it.


What advice about time management would you give to a multi-passionate entrepreneur such as yourself?

Well, for starters…read my book, Busy Girl’s Guide to Happiness! You can purchase it on busygirldaily.com In my book, I share my best tips, tools and daily practices for time management that actually work! But above all, it is knowing yourself and what works best for you! When I am ON, I am committed to being on. And when I am off, I am committed to being OFF. When you live a healthy lifestyle, meditate or practice mindfulness, you will understand your natural flow much more and it will be easier to be productive and avoid burn out. Some of my favorite time management tools are: Wunderlist, Slack, Asana, MixMax for Google, Venmo, and Wordswag. There are so many programs out there to organize you, to help you work more efficiently and save hours in your day.

I also just hired a professional organizer after reading the book, The Art of Tidying Up. Think about it, how many hours in your week do you spend just tidying up? When you get rid of things and clear space, it clears up your time as well. Also, value your time more. Put a price tag on it. If you believe you are worth $300 an hour, would you go spend half your day having coffee with someone who wanted to pick your brain, or would you pick up the phone and schedule a 20 minute phone call instead? How can you free up more of your precious time? I stopped having coffee meetings years ago!

Kristina Tsipouras, Featured Betty, Business Betties



What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome? Would you do things differently?
I held onto my first company too long. I put up a fight when I knew it was going down. I realize now though, successful businesses, relationships, everything that is meant to be in your life should flow easily. When you feel like you are really pushing against something, it usually means it is time to let go of the oars and stop trying to force the situation. As soon as you do, bigger and better opportunities have room to show up. Always stay open, to endless possibilities and scenarios. Don’t fall in love with one particular way of how you think it should be.


What is a typical day like for you?
I wake up around 8:45am. I try to get dressed and ready most days before I walk downstairs. As an Entrepreneur who works from home, it is easy to get stuck in sweatpants all day! I take my dog Maddie for a walk, eat breakfast in the kitchen away from my computer and try to enjoy the meal and set my intentions for the day. I usually jump on my computer by 9:45am, head out to meetings in the city, have lunch, and work straight through 5pm then head to the gym. My boyfriend and I love eating outside in the Summer so we try to enjoy our meals together and not bring our phones to the table. We also started a business together last year, Moroccan Magic organic lip balms and our product just hit shelves in all NY, NJ, and CT Whole Foods last week, so we usually have a drink, spend another hour or two catching up on work, then unplug with our favorite show, spending time outdoors with Maddie or just relaxing!

Kristina Tsipouras, Featured Betty, Business Betties



In your book you talk about creating morning and evening rituals. What rituals do you have that keep you centered and happy?

My mornings are very important, they set the tone for the entire day. My boyfriend leaves early in the morning for work, so I wake up slowly, stretch, put on some tunes and dance while getting ready for the day. I enjoy my morning walk with my dog, getting some fresh air, moving my body and having a good meal before I sit down to work. And honestly, if I wake up not feeling well, unmotivated, I don’t try to force myself to do work, I instead clean the house, or do laundry, call a best friend, or have an extra cup of coffee before I try to tackle my to-do list. In the evenings, especially in the winter, I often dry brush, shower and then use warm Ayurvedic oils. It is the most self-soothing at home practice you can give yourself to release the day and release stress. You can find out more about dry brushing here.


What is your most valuable resource?
I have a long list of my favorites in my book, but I would say my top 5 are:

–  Abraham Hicks youtube
–  Orin Daben guided meditations
–  Reiki Healing
–  My daily email from the Universe
–  My favorite to-do list app


Who has been your most influential mentor or role model?

Dr. Mindy Kopolow taught me everything I know. I recommend everyone to her!

Kristina Tsipouras, Featured Betty, Business Betties


What inspires you?

Freedom, creating, building communities. Pinterest on the daily, being outdoors, the ocean, good food, drinks and company. A clean home, fresh sheets, pink lipstick, cookies out of the oven. It is the little things 🙂 I keep a daily appreciation list. I write down 3 things each day that I appreciate. It is a game changer!


How do you turn around a bad day?

Let go. I stop what I am doing and move towards my life anchors. You can read more about the life anchors activity in my book! It is all about feeling good in the moment. Focus on a small feel good thought, like a person you love a lot, and just try to bask in that appreciation and love for them until your mood lifts slightly, then continue with other good feeling thoughts until you are back on track.


What would people be surprised to know about you?

I love heavy metal and punk rock! Always have, always will. Music is my greatest love.

Coffee or Tea? Morning Person or Night Owl? Netflix or YouTube?

Coffee AND Tea! I love mixing and matching teas at home and putting them over ice in the summer with fresh mint from my garden.

Night Owl X10!

YouTube. Abraham Hicks YouTube is like my google for self help.


Connect with Kristina:

Boston Business Women Facebook Group

Twitter: @bostonbizwomen

Pinterest: ktsipouras

Instagram: @bostonbusinesswomen

Website Address: http://bostonbusinesswomen.com