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HelloFlo is a women’s health company for the digital age, creating a new conversation with women and girls about the health and empowerment issues that matter to them. They have an active community, as well as products and services that support girls and women through life-stages unique to them. In addition to the period subscription box, they offer one-time boxes designed around life-stages or seasons.


What inspired you to create HelloFlo?

When I started my business I was really trying to solve a simple problem. I always got my period in the middle of the day and I never had tampons with me. I wanted a service that would show up a few days before my period, hand me a few tampons, and tell me to put them in my work bag. I had no idea that 2 years later our mission would be expanded to educating women about their bodies through multiple life stages and providing them with the products they need to manage transitions.

Business Betties | Naama Bloom, HelloFlo

Did you always know you wanted to create a company?

I never intended to start my own company. I came up with the original idea for HelloFlo while working for a different company and I talked about it a lot. One day my husband told me that I either needed to do it or stop talking about it. He’d said it many times before but on that particular day I was open to hearing it and I sprang to action.

You’ve made a few videos that help get HelloFlo’s message across – that have been very successful. Why did you feel it was important to do the videos?

Well, my business was trying to do something new and I thought that a video would be a good way to tell the story of what we were trying to do while being entertaining. I was lucky that my message resonated and the videos spread.

Camp Gyno – HelloFlo

What kinds of challenges have you faced as a company selling feminine products?

It’s gotten easier over time but in the beginning people didn’t want to talk much about my company because the conversations around it involve menstruation.

What is a typical day like for you?

There really is no typical day but every day starts with getting my kids dressed and to school. Then it’s off to my office where I try to tackle my emails. I am not a zero-inbox gal so I’m constantly feeling like I’m drowning in a sea of thousands of emails. My days usually include some sponsorship calls, marketing plans, and lots of analysis of our data and cash flow.

What’s your business goal for the next year and how will you achieve it?

I want the business to make enough money that I can hire my developer so that we can move more quickly.

“It’s going to be hard, and you’ll fail a lot along the way. But that’s ok. It’s part of the journey.”

Business Betties | Naama Bloom, HelloFlo

Who and What inspire you?

My husband – he started his business before I started mine and through ups and downs he never stops moving forward.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I struggle with feelings of failure constantly – even when things are going well.

What career advice do you have for women launching a startup?

It’s going to be hard, and you’ll fail a lot a long the way. But that’s ok. It’s part of the journey. Build up your callouses and keep going.


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