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The Lady Project connects, inspires & showcases awesome women doing amazing things through events, membership and community engagement. We are a non-profit based in Providence, RI with Lady Project chapters in Providence, Boston and New Haven. We’re also launching chapters in New York City and Nashua this fall.

Business Betties | Featured Betties– Sierra Barter, Co-founder, The Lady Project



How did you get started? Julie Sygiel, from Dear Kate, and I met in late 2011 and came up with the idea behind Lady Project. We realized that there were no events in Providence for driven, motivated and entrepreneurial women. And, we knew so many amazing women from different areas of our lives- internships, jobs, college, work, and we wanted them to all know each other and more importantly, work together! We kicked off the first PVD Lady Project event in February 2012.

What’s the best part of owning your own business? Being the boss! I love having the final say and learning how to trust myself. I learned that listening to your heart, and your gut, can be the best “business tool” you have. I also love working with other community members, our amazing sponsors and our fabulous members.

Business Betties | Featured Betties– Sierra Barter, Co-founder, The Lady Project


What’s the nicest compliment you’ve received about your business? A member came up to me about a year ago and said that going to Lady Project events makes her feel like she’s hanging out with her friends, but still being productive. I also love it when I hear that someone either met someone or is now doing business with someone because of Lady Project—that’s what it’s all about!

What inspires you? It sounds super cheesy, but the I love going to the beach to revive myself. I’m a Midwestern girl (originally from outside Milwaukee, WI), but I could never move away from the ocean now.  I am constantly inspired by our amazing members and their HUSTLE. It’s like they always say—if you want something done, ask a busy woman.

Business Betties | Featured Betties– Sierra Barter, Co-founder, The Lady Project

How do you relax? I love to read. Currently, I’m hooked on #GIRLBOSS and anything by Gillian Flynn. I also practice yoga a few times a week. I love walking my dogs (we have two plus a foster dog) in my neighborhood and going out with friends.

People often ask if I do anything “fun.” I have so much fun—I love my job, but I also make sure to have a few nights a week where I can hang in with my boyfriend, get a workout in or just watch 3 hours of Orange is the New Black. You’re only busy if you let yourself—you control your schedule and your priorities.

What do you do when you’re having a bad day? I stop doing everything. Honestly, 99% of what most people have to do can wait a few days. When I have a bad day, I just sit around feeling sorry for myself. I call my mom. Have a few glasses of wine. Eat a terrible dinner, cuddle my dogs, whine to my boyfriend and watch a lot of TV.

What is your motto or theme song? My late grandfather, when I was growing up, would always tell me that I’m “tough as nails and twice as strong.” I think of that often, especially if I have a bad day or get a mean email.  And, I have a few theme songs: Billy Joel’s “Vienna” (a theme song since high school), Brooke Waggoner’s “Rumble” and Beyonce’s “Run the World.”

Business Betties | Featured Betties– Sierra Barter, Co-founder, The Lady Project


What would people be surprised to know about you? My passion is dogs. I love dogs and always have (it was actually my first word!). My boyfriend and I foster through a rescue based in Tennessee and help other rescues with dog transports and home visits for potential adopters. I am totally obsessed with our two dogs, Lucky (who I’ve had since I was 14) and Lucy. When I “grow up” I want to have a big farm where we can bring in fosters until they find their forever home. Adopt, don’t shop!

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