Your brand is more than just pretty Pantone colors, swirly fonts, and a cute little logo. Photography – dreamy, colorful photography – is the leading lady in your branding production. Photos take ideas beyond text and logos.

You can go on and on about how awesome your new line of jewelry is, but showing those jewel tones and sparkly silver details is what’s going to make it something people just have to have! Your new hotel might be a luxurious oasis but images of fluffy sheets and a glass of bubbly on the night table are going to get those rooms booked.

Here are five reasons why photos are important to your brand:

1.  They make your brand tangible
That signature kale and carrot wrap from your food truck business looks better than it sounds.

2.  They create a tone and set a mood
The seductive new body fragrance you’ve created may get a man’s motor running, but a series of photos will create the mood you want without having to spell it out.

3.  They’re the universal language
You barely passed that Spanish class in high school. Never mind trying to translate your new product description in 12 different languages. A photo conveys an idea in a single moment.

4.  They’re easy to share
Photos are like potato chips – they’re easy to consume. And before you know it, you’re licking your fingers after creating 27 new Pinterest boards and still looking for more.

5.  They create a feeling of trust
Hey girl, what’s the deal with the missing photo of you on your ‘about me’ page? Are you trying to hide something? Before I think about working with you, I want to know you’ve got a face I can trust.