We know some pretty smart ladies. Every few months we have those women share their expertise and take the stage on the Betty blog. Today we have Brandy Morris, the queen of client experience. Brandy’s words are like gold. Seriously. Make sure bookmark this! (Oh, and check out her website for more brilliance.)

You can’t blow your clients’ minds with results alone.

Results, of course, are a must-have to unadulterated client delight but expecting them to do the job on their own is like expecting a bag of flour to become a cake. You’ve got to throw some other ingredients into the mix to make magic happen.

A service that offers nothing but results is a transaction. It’s simply an exchange of money for getting something done. Nothing really moving about that, is there?

If you want to blow minds and create raving fans who tell everyone they know about your business and couldn’t imagine ever going anywhere else to get what you offer, you need to compose an experience.

Experiences are a series of moments. Moments that elicit emotion and create a connection.

Each time a client interacts with your business before, during, and after a service is an opportunity to create one of those moments. These opportunities are called touchpoints.

Every single touchpoint is a chance to make or break the experience. They happen in your business more often than you might think.

Sure, there’s the obvious ones. Most clients expect a pleasant experience anytime they talk to you in person, on the phone, or via e-mail. You’re ahead of the game if you’re paying attention to the way you request payment, the documents you create, and how you say farewell when it’s all said and done.

Then you’ve got the touchpoints you’re not directly involved with. Discussions with other people on your team, confirmation reminders from your scheduler, and the apps and software you use to share information with your clients, all work to build or break the service experience.

You have so many chances to create a connection with your client that will last the ages. One that burns into their brain right along with the spots reserved for their childhood besties, favourite songs, and most comfortable pajamas.


How do you it? A little foresight, some self-awareness, and a whole lot of love.


Map It Out

Think of all the moments a client interacts with your business. No need to overwhelm yourself up front, just pick one service for now.

  • How does your client initiate the service?
  • How is payment made?
  • What does your client need to know for expectations to be realistic?
  • What documents go back and forth between business and client?
  • How is the service delivered?
  • How does the service end?
Know Your Brand
  • What is your brand’s personality?
  • What are the most important qualities of your brand?
  • How do you want your clients to feel after interacting with your business?
Turn Up the Delight

Each touchpoint should support your brand image. Think of the five senses. What is your client seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, and tasting (or whichever are relevant)?

  • Does the language match your brand’s personality? Hint: this is most important with auto-created responses. It’s more about not sounding like a robot than putting on an act.
  • Are the documents neat, polished, and in alignment with your visual brand?
  • Does each touchpoint support your brand qualities?

Keep in mind, you don’t need to go over the top on every single point – special does not necessarily mean extravagant (unless that’s a quality of your brand). The most important thing is to keep the vibe alive and consistent throughout the service journey. Don’t let a wonky moment break the spell and take away from your magic!

Designing a service that hits your clients right in the feels and gives your brand a place in their heart takes some work but it will pay off in spades. Put in the time, pay attention to the details, and watch your brand build a reputation stronger than your standard marketing effort could ever create.


Business Betties | Guest Post: Brandy Morris | How to Make Clients Fall in Love With Your BizHi! I’m Brandy, Possibility Scout and Brilliance Instigator; you can just call me B. I work with service-providing solopreneurs to create and deliver delightfully fresh ways to serve their people. Want to blow minds, inspire repeat clients, and set the foundation for a referral-driven business? I’m ready and waiting to bust out my mad skills in client enchantment and idea instigation to help you up your service game and implement like the BOSS you are.