Let’s be real: I’m a woman who LOVES a good list. By junior high, I was using a Franklin Planner even before Covey got all up in that business. My 9-part task list syncs across all my devices. I share a digital grocery list with my husband. (Yes, my Modern Man does help with the shopping.) Like any good culture-loving geek who used to be a CPA, I often cross-reference the Tuesday All Music album release list with my Spotify account.

However, there is one list that makes my head want to pop off. It’s a slippery siren of a list that can shape-shift, drain you of your precious time and bewilder. Perhaps you have recognized it in one of its nefarious forms:

10 Superfoods That Will Save You From an Early Death 

The Top 5 Simple Exercises That Do Themselves Without Effort

10 Fastest Ways to Detox Every Facet of Your Existence Yesterday

3 Impossible to Replicate Entrepreneurial Habits of Sir Richard Branson

Surely, you’ve seen this creature online or gracing a magazine cover. This siren that will lure you in with its promise of magic fixes that will eradicate your health issues, your cellulite or your toxic ways. It will lead you down a flowery path of inspiration only to sap you of your focus and attention with its enchanting paradox of choice.

If you’re reading this, I just know that you’ll be equipped to identify and slay Topata Whateveris Fixus Listium, also known as the Top Whatever Fix List. You know those lists are content cud to continually be regurgitated. You know that the expert that wrote it has never spent a single day in your body experiencing your life. You also know that if a one-size-fits-all plan worked for everyone that our waistlines, inboxes and schedules wouldn’t be bulging; and we’d all be fit, stress-free, entrepreneurial gazillionaires in less then 4 hours per week.

So, when you face Topata Whateveris Fixus Listium, brace yourself with awareness. You can quickly disarm this beast by asking yourself the straight-shootin’ questions below:

Am I just bored or need a quick break right now? Yeah? Give yourself a break away from your desk for at least 3-5 minutes. No devices!

Am I procrastinating something? Yeah? Like dogs can smell fear, Topata Whateveris Fixus Listium can smell your procrastination. Give yourself 15 minutes to just start that stalled task and see what happens.

Am I going to apply something I learned from this list in a tangible way? Okay…

Like really, really going to apply something within the next 48 hours? Yeah? Awesome! When? Where? What resources do you need? The clock is ticking…

Because, Betty, you didn’t make it this far powered by distraction and unconscious decision-making, did you? You’re a woman of intentional action. You TCB and GTD. Ain’t no list going to slow you down. You got this, Betty.


Business Betties | Guest Post: Kara Martin SnyderKara Martin Snyder, CHHC

The poo-whispering, troubleshooting, former bean-counting, pixie-sized vital cœur of vital corps serving frazzled, undernourished, Type A women since 2009
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Kara Martin Snyder, CHHC is the Owner & Chief Strategist over at vital corps, a health and lifestyle studio located at the intersection of strategic action and self-care. Kara’s not your run of the mill, woo-woo wellness coach, though. Sure, she’s got the classroom and professional creds that many health coaches have but she’s also got an arsenal of bad-assery stemming from her boardroom, kitchen, and street savvy. Serving whipsmart, Type A, professional women since 2009, Kara deconstructs the broken processes in her clients’ lives and together they co-create actionable, manageable steps to creating healthier lives spiked with passion and slathered with joy. Forget frazzled and famished, it’s time to get focused, functional and downright fierce… without starvation, deprivation, or tribulation. Visit her little slice of digital Shangri-La at http://www.vitalcorpswellness.com/ and get on the list to receive exclusive action-stoking and thought-evoking goodness in your inbox.