Happy Holidays, Betties! We’re so glad that we got to share 2014 with you. All we have to say is 2015 is going to be EPIC. Boom.

To help you be magnificent in the coming year, we’ve created three special little design packages just for you. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this post- we’ve got something good for the first five people to take advantage of these package deals. (Spoiler – it’s worth $700)

(After you’ve made your purchase, keep an eye out for an email from us with all the details!)

$240: Social Media Design Bundle


  • One Facebook Timeline Cover Image
  • One Facebook Profile Image
  • Up to Three Facebook Tab buttons
  • One Twitter Background




$850: One Page Website Design

(see some of our previous one pagers, here, here, and here.)
Perfect for the beginner business.




$400: Business Card Design

Includes 500 classic finish printed cards




A Holiday Gift from Betty-Claus: The first five people to sign up for one of these three offerings by January 9, 2015 will get a Custom Brand Profile (a $700 value) for FREE.

So what’s included in a Custom Brand Profile?

Ooh, once you know, you definitely won’t want to miss it. You get:

  • A 30 minute design consultation (via phone or Skype) with the Betties, during which we can talk about your existing brand, and how we can help you make it even better.
  • A list of fonts for you to use in all of your promotional materials (and a guide that tells you where to use them)
  • A specially selected color palette along with all of your color formulas (so you always have the right shade, whether you’re creating something for print or web)
  • A curated list of stock photography perfect for use in blog posts and social media marketing.


The best thing about having a Custom Brand Profile– it takes the guesswork out of your branding. You always know what colors, fonts, and images to use and when*. You might not be able to hire a graphic designer for every little flyer or newsletter, but with the Custom Brand Profile, you’ll feel like you have one on staff.

With all of these decisions made for you, doesn’t it take a load off?

*The Custom Brand Profile does not include logo design. (Though if you’d like a logo design, we’d be happy to put together a proposal for you!)