We’ve got a headshot event coming up on October 28th at TechSpring in Springfield. We’re often asked the same questions so we thought we’d try to answer as many of those as we can. If you think of something we haven’t covered here, please send us a note, and we’ll add it!


What Should I Know Ahead Of Time?

This first question is one that many people don’t think to ask when getting their headshot or business portrait done.

It’s important to know how and where you plan to use your new professional photo. This ties into your branding. Are you trying to convey power and confidence? Or maybe playfulness and relatability? Will you be using this image on a dating site, or on your LinkedIn page? On a billboard, or on a website? Knowing how you want to present yourself will set the tone for your session and is important information for your photographer.


What Should I Wear?

Gone are the days of wearing a power suit. It’s just not personal enough. That doesn’t mean you should toss on a pair of ripped up jeans and a ratty tee shirt. (Although, if you are a grunge rock artist, that might be just the thing.) Wear that shirt/dress/suit that makes you feel your best. That one piece of clothing that’s sure to fetch you compliments every time you wear it. If other people can’t help but tell you how stunning you look in that shirt (dress, jacket, insert piece of clothing here), THAT is what you should be wearing in your portrait.

General rules that work for everyone: slimming cuts, 3/4 sleeves (for women), flattering colors, and jewelry or accessories that add to the outfit, not overpower it. Also, avoid black and white shirts (with some exceptions). Want to show a bit of personality? Add a pop of color or pattern under a navy jacket.

We tell our clients to bring 5-6 options. This way we can assist you in what will work best. And it takes the pressure off you having to decide on the “perfect outfit”.


What Can I Do To Look My Best?

You’ve probably heard or read something about how hollywood stars prepare for the red carpet at the Oscars. Well, there is some truth in what you’ve read.

Don’t want to look puffy in your photos? Avoid alcohol 24-48 hours beforehand, and get at least 7 hours of good, solid sleep. Also, drink lots of water the few days leading up to your headshot session.

Get a haircut about a week before getting your photo done so it has time to grow in a bit. And ladies, if you really love the way your stylist does your hair, see if you can make an appointment with him or her just before your headshot session.

Use sunscreen. Sunburns do not show up well on camera. And even the miracle of Photoshop has it’s limits.

Have your clothing prepared and ready to go the night before. This includes any washing or ironing that needs to be done. It would be a shame to have your favorite shirt be full of wrinkles or stains.


What Can I Expect After The Session?

This is an important question to ask when hiring your photographer. Of course, we can’t speak to how other agencies work so we’ll focus on what our clients can expect from us.

During your session, we’ll take a number of images. Afterward, we edit down to show the absolute best of the best. No need to see two images that look exactly alike, and I think we can all agree to weed out the ones where your eyes are closed or you’re making a less-than-flattering expression. You’ll see these either in person or in an online gallery, depending on what type of session you had.

Once you choose the image, or images, you’d like to use we take about a week to work our retouching magic and prepare the files for you to download. We believe in making you look your best, with minimal retouching. No plastic faces here! Just a great image of you that makes you look like you got a great night’s sleep.


Mark your calendar: Business Betties will be holding a $99 headshot event on October 28th in Springfield, MA.

Click here for more details and to reserve your session!