“Hello, I’m Christina, Suzanne and Allison’s Junior Betty.”

This is my standard email introduction for those who don’t know me. I have worked for Business Betties for a year and half now. It feels like yesterday I was on the phone with Suzanne and Allison thinking that I didn’t get the job.  They thought it would be fun to make me sweat a little and draw out the phone call letting me know I was their new assistant.  I was beyond excited because I thought what they do and stand for is so amazing and fabulous and creative and interesting and I could learn a lot and learn I did. So today I’m going to share some of what I’ve learned and the advantages of being a Junior Betty.


Working for two

I’ve never had two bosses before so figuring out how two different women work and think and how to support them was an interesting undertaking.  Sometimes we’ve got the music pumping in the office and other times it’s just the clicking sounds of a keyboard with intense focus on the task at hand. Learning how to balance the two different personalities and doing work that needs the approval of both ladies was a lesson in compromise and negotiation.  It’s interesting, sometimes amusing, but mostly impressive to watch and listen to them disagree and then figure out how to resolve it like grown ass ladies should. I have seen many an immature debate on which way things should be done from different colleagues at past jobs and it is so great to see how professional women work together to solve a problem instead of causing more problems or being petty about it not going their way. At the end of the day all of us in the Betty office want what’s best even if that means the Facebook post rhymes sometimes.


I’m a Design snob now

I have not had any formal training in graphic design, photography or website design but after working with the Betties for so long I tell everyone that they have made me a design snob.  I mean that in the best way possible.  I now look at websites with the eye of designer and can figure out what it needs to make it look more polished. I scoff at poorly designed business cards and think the Betties can make this much better.  I can tell the difference between photos taken by an amateur and photos that have been styled and lighted professionally. Does this make me a bit pretentious?  Maybe, but I don’t care because I learned from the best.


I can brand it like it’s hot

These ladies know what they’re doing when it comes to branding. From logo design to color selection to website design and everything in between, they consistently create brands for business that are on point and encompass what the business is all about and are able to capture the personality of the entrepreneur who owns it. Whether it’s for our clients or the Business Betties brand they’ve shown me how to implement a brand in every aspect of the client interaction from packaging and presentation to business cards and brochures and every other small detail you could think of.


The best mentors I never knew I needed

Before meeting Allison and Suzanne I didn’t have a mentor or realize how important it was that I should have one. Lucky me, I get both Betties as mentors.  I have friends who are supportive and want me to succeed professionally but it’s different with the Betties. Not only are they supportive and knowledgeable but they’ve been where I am now – trying to figure out what I want to do and how to go about doing it right. When I want to start my own business you better believe I’m going to Allison and Suzanne to ask them their advice on what website theme I should use and my business model and what to name my business and about a gazillion other questions. It’s an incredible resource that I’m so lucky to have. I recommend you find a mentor(s) if you don’t have one as soon as you can.


Other acquired Betty wisdom

Scotch o’clock and wine-thirty are the best times of the day.

Comic Sans is an awful font and should never be used.

Dark chocolate is the best chocolate.

The more awkward and uncomfortable you pose in a photo chances are the better it will look.

Sometimes you need to blow some air in your face, watch a silly cat video on YouTube and then get back to work.


The unexpected and awesome perks of being a Betty

If I work late enough sometimes I get fed and it’s always really good.

Drinks at work are okay and usually provided by my bosses.

No dress code – I can come into work in sweats and be comfortable unless I’m going to be photographed that day.


Inside the Betty Lair, Business Betties


Which brings me to my next point

I can (and will) put model on my resume because of the days when I come into the office and am told that I need to get on bicycle or have my feet photographed. It can get weird but it’s always fun.

I get to meet other great woman entrepreneurs who do great things and are also hustling. Between Featured Betties, events and conferences the list of inspring women keeps growing and makes me want to hustle even more.