If you’re a blogger, designer, or a social media maven you know how tough it can be to get good stock photography. Most of the well-known stock sites have too many images to search through, and not all of them are good. (See last year’s blog post on how to choose stock photography that doesn’t suck.)

After writing that post, we got to thinking that there must be better options out there for more relatable, authentic images for designers and bloggers to use when creating their content. That’s when this idea started swirling around in our brains and we’ve been working on a way to make it happen.

Today we’re sooooooo excited to officially announce Better Than Stock Photos by Business Betties.

Better Than Stock Photos | Business Betties


You know those monthly subscription boxes you love? There’s one for every taste; beauty products, pet products, clothing, meals. The list goes on and on. The one element of these monthly boxes that gets your heart beat racing is knowing that what shows up is going to be a total surprise. You’re not quite sure what you’re gonna get, but you know it’s gonna be great.

That’s what Better Than Stock is! A fun monthly sent-to-your-inbox collection of 12 personally curated, high-resolution digital photos you can use to go along with your blog or social media posts.

The possibilities are endless. Each collection has a theme; for example: European Vacation or Baby,  It’s Cold Outside. Really, the theme name is just a starting point. We’ve worked hard to insure there is variety in every collection. That way, you have plenty of options to choose from, whether your blog is about lifestyle or business. We even throw in a ‘wildcard’ image (for a true bakers dozen) – to mix things up a little.

Right now, we’re working on making Better Than Stock picture perfect. The plan is to launch the service in early March. There will be three subscription options (12, 6, & 3 months) – and when you do the math, photos can cost as little as 86 cents each.

We could sit here all day and tell you how fabulous this is, but we know you. You need to see the magic for yourself. We’ve put together a free collection, ready for you to download on the Better than Stock Photos site. Use these wherever you like online. If you feel like showing us some love with an image credit- well, we sure appreciate it. But don’t worry. You don’t have to.


Get your FREE image collection now!

(You’ll also be the first to know when Better Than Stock is officially open for business.)


We hope you’ll love the Color Crush Image Collection. Won’t you share the Better Than Stock Photo love with your friends? After all, friends don’t let friends use bad photos.

Allison and I feel strongly that entrepreneurs who are using blogging, social media, and content marketing as a way of promoting themselves should have access to high quality images. We know you have better things to do than troll through websites and Google to find the “perfect” photo.

Better Than Stock Photos | Business Betties


Don’t fret, we’re still offering custom photography services for our clients, if you need things like product photography or business portraits give us a shout.

Is there a theme you’d like to see Better than Stock tackle? Let us know in the comments below!