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How excited are we to be working with the B Bar in their new blogging series- the monthly post link up? (Very excited, just in case you were wondering.) Each month, the lovely ladies over at the B Bar will be providing a topic which a few bloggers will be weighing in on. What this ends up being is a great way for you to get introduced to blogs that you’ve never read before- and to hear from us, on possibly topics we might not usually cover.


Living in Massachusetts, it seems like a good four months out of the year is spent trapped in the house under feet (yes, FEET) of snow. On those short days, and dark afternoons, I think about my summer essentials. These are the thoughts that I desperate cling to when February 2nd comes around and some mangy, overgrown rodent tells me there’s still another month of winter left. (No hard feelings Phil, but by month four of subzero temperatures, I’m feeling a little stabby.)


My summer essentials revolve around food for the most part (as does most of my life).

• Homemade Iced Tea (This year I’m drinking Tazo’s Blushberry Black sweetened with agave nectar)

• Local Strawberries (even better if you can pick them yourself!)

• Local Corn on the Cob

• Toasted Marshmallows (I’m not a big fan of smores. Sacrilege, I know. I just love the marshmallows!)


There’s also the whole summertime ritual around the food. Walking through local farmers markets, surrounded by greens so fresh, earth still hangs from their roots. Sitting on the back steps shucking corn and snapping off the ends of the green beans just like you did when you were a kid. Laughing with friends while you eat and drink on the patio with the scent of fresh cut grass and your neighbor’s barbeque grill floating in the air.

But it’s not JUST about food. It’s the driving around with the sunroof open, wearing flowy skirts and painting your toenails pretty colors. (Because for once you’re not wearing wool knee socks and boots.) It’s the Wayfarer sunglasses and the familiar and somewhat nostalgic smell of sunscreen, and the sand that sticks to it after spending a day on the beach.


What are your summer essentials? Tell us in the comments below. Are you food focused like me? Or does something else make your sun shine?


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