How often do you *really* need a new business portrait, or headshot? The answer may surprise you.

Many photographers would probably tell you that you should get new headshots done every year. In my opinion, most people can wait 2-3 years before updating their professional business portraits. This may be a relief to hear. Here’s the thing; we Betties get it! Not only do most of us hate having our photo taken, but it can be challenging to find the time for the session, pick out the clothing, and actually get enough sleep so we don’t look like a zombie.

If you’re wondering how long you can get away with the old photo of you before having to upgrade, we have this handy little quiz for you. If you answer yes to any of these questions, it’s probably time for a new headshot:


Has it been more than 5 years since your last headshot?

Chances are that if it’s been more than even 3 years, you might look a little different. Waiting 5 years? Even more so. Sorry, but it’s time.


Have you gained or lost more than 20 pounds?

If you’ve lost 2o pounds or more since your last headshot, congratulations! Celebrate with a new photo. If you find that you’ve gained a few extra pounds in the last couple years, it happens. We don’t judge. But we *do* know how to make you look fabulous regardless.

Check out our handy guide for how to prepare for a new headshot.


Do you have a radically different hair style or hair color?

Imagine that a new client who has never met you in person sees a dated photo of you on LinkedIn or your website. You schedule an in-person meeting with them and the first thing they say to you is: “Wow, you look way different than your photo”. It’s probably because your hair is different.


Have you started wearing glasses or stopped wearing glasses?

You really wouldn’t think that someone wearing glasses would change their appearance dramatically, but it turns out that studies have been done and that old Clark Kent disguise is actually a thing. Check out this Cosmo article that shows 10 people with and without their glasses.


Are you using a candid photo as your professional headshot?

This one seems pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how many LinkedIn photos we’ve come across that look like they were taken at a party or on vacation. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, then you gotta show up as a professional.


Does your current headshot make you feel bad about yourself?

If your headshot doesn’t make you feel confident, get it redone. Life is too short to have that bad energy out there. Trust us when we tell you that it is possible to have a photo that makes you feel great about yourself. We’ve photographed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people and haven’t found anyone yet who has broken a camera lens.


Are you ready to update your professional image? We’re offering 5 images for the price of 3 when you reserve your session by February 1, 2017. Check it out here!