We work with some pretty amazing women. Not only do we have an amazing Junior Betty, Christina, we’re also lucky enough to have a team of professionals that help our clients showcase their amazing selves.


Today we’d like to introduce you the fabulous Tara Brewster,  Business Advisor extrordinaire.


Tara was bit by the retail bug when she was in high school, which began a 20 year career that has spanned multiple apparel and service industries. As a manager, buyer, and account executive for small independent businesses to multi-million dollar wholesalers, Tara learned how to make a business profitable. She and her business partner took their experience and opened a high-end men’s apparel business and turned it into a success. In 2013, Tara made the tough decision to sell her store to an employee in order to spend more time with her young family.

Tara Tetreault Brewster, Business Advisor, Business Betties team

Tara now works with dozens of retail and service based businesses around Western Massachusetts to help them create effective promotions, manage cash flow, and increase sales; just to name a few of her talents. She is currently an independent consultant with Vann Group in Springfield, MA.

Having been a successful business owner herself, she has the unique perspective of walking in someone’s shoes, so to speak. She knows how to have the tough conversations that business owners often don’t want to have (even with themselves).  Tara helps owners execute the parts of their business that are not in their wheelhouse.

We’re excited to be working with Tara and know that many of our clients will find her expertise invaluable.

[blockquote] Not saying yes to everyone and everything is really saying yes to myself. [/blockquote]


In the midst of working to make her retail dream a reality, Tara learned some hard lessons. As entrepreneurs we often feel like to must says yes to every opportunity that comes our way but we also need to learn when we’re overextending ourselves.

Could you use someone with Tara’s skills in your business? Send us an email and we’ll create a match made in heaven.

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