Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum, which means that we’re constantly reading, watching, listening to get new ideas, and just be the best Betties we can be.  We love sharing a little knowledge, so we’ve put together a list of things that are on the top of our list to read and watch (which will hopefully become a reoccurring thing) which we’ve lovingly deemed the “Monthly Dose”.

In this post, we’ll share our long running favorites. Some of them are blogs, some of them are videos, magazines, books, or tutorials. One thing they all have in common, they’re completely awesome and amazingly valuable.


Tara Gentile
Tara is the pioneer of the You Economy movement, and has written an ebook enticingly titled “Making Money Beautifully”. If you’ve decided that business as usual (you know the one- the job that ignores your talents, value, self care, and relationships) is not for you, then let us introduce you to Tara. She’ll teach you how to make money that puts your values front and center.

Kate Northrup
Among many things, Kate is the author of the Money: A Love Story. There are plenty of books that give you the nuts and bolts of how to deal with your money; Not so many that help you get to the bottom of that love/hate relationship you’ve developed with the balance in your bank account. Money, especially for women, can be unbreakably tied to our emotions and self worth. Kate helps you get your wallet straight by getting your head straight first.

Marie Forleo
Marie Forleo sometimes feels like the business savvy big sister that we never had. If you’re a little uptight, Marie might not be for you (and that’s totally ok). But, if you’ve been longing to have someone who’s going to help you keep it real and cut the crap, well then, you’ll LOVE Marie. Every Tuesday she posts a new video with advice on building and marketing your business.

Middle Finger Project
This is totally NSFW (Unless you work from home, and you don’t have little kids around. There’s a bit of language.) The Middle Finger Project is when you’re completely sick of inauthentic conversations about business that don’t feel like they have anything to do with your real life. What you’d really like to do is have a REAL conversation about what you do, with your girlfriends, possibly with a cocktail. And who said you couldn’t laugh when you talk about business? There is a lot of laughing to be had on the Middle Finger Project.


The One Thing
Your day has become an endless list of “to-dos”, and at the end of it, you really don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything. You certainly don’t feel further along in your life than you did yesterday. The One Thing will change the way that you look at your tasks and your priorities, in a way that will make you feel less cray-cray, and more accomplished.

Firestarter Sessions
Danielle Laporte sums up her own book so well, I’m just gonna let her do her thing: “The Fire Starter Sessions is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for – to fully want what you want and go for it, to expand your consciousness and your cash flow, to up the ante on your dreams, to be incredibly generous with your love. This is a modern-day pep talk and soul-centered Q&A for people ready to shine brighter than they ever have.”

Ted Talks

Simon Sinek- How Great Leaders Inspire Action
One of the reasons that companies like Apple are so successful is that instead of selling their widgets, they’re selling their “why”. This talk got us totally obsessed over putting into words the reason why we do what we do. When it comes to marketing, this may be one of the most important things you can do.

Elizabeth Gilbert- Your Elusive Creative Genius
This is a great talk to watch when you feel writer’s block coming on, or you’re staring at a blank canvas. We all need to be reminded of our built-in, born-with creativity, and what we can do to give it a little kick in the pants when we feel it slacking.

Online Learning

There’s always more to learn, and we admittedly don’t know it all. (Shocker, right?) That’s why places like Skillshare exist, so you can sharpen up on topics from business to graphics, with teachers like Seth Godin (yes, THE Seth Godin). You can buy classes individually, or sign up for their new monthly subscription plan- which is a super sweet deal- only $9.99 a month for all the classes you can take!


Fast Company isn’t your typical business magazine. It’s not completely focused on numbers and stogy old men who have been CEOs of Fortune 100 companies for the past 50 years. What they are focused on is creativity, new ways of doing things, and the up and comers. It’s the only business magazine we subscribe to. ‘Nuff said.