My guess is that you’re expecting us to unload a ridiculously complicated marketing formula that will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. The lightbulb will go on. Angels will sing in heaven. A true epiphany.

Sorry to disappoint. Our most successful marketing tool is so simple, you may be completely overlooking it.

Thank you cards

Are you surprised?

It is infinitely less expensive and takes far less energy to keep the clients you already have. No spending money on Facebook ad campaigns, and endless hours analyzing your A/B testing. Just ten minutes, a two dollar card the price of a stamp to let your client know that they’re appreciated. (Why Giving To Your Clients Is Important)


The Betty Formula to a Winning Thank You Card


Brand it

It can be a professionally designed card with your specially chosen fonts and colors, or it can be a solid color folded card picked up in a twelve pack from your favorite office supply store. Choose the option that’s more in line with your budget right now.

By the way, there’s so many places to apply your branding. Check out our complete Branding Checklist to make sure you’re covered.


Handwrite it

There’s not a whole lot of things I handwrite anymore, but thank you cards are one of them. Taking a pen to paper removes the anonymity of printed text. It creates a connection between you and the person reading it.


Make it personal

A thank you note shouldn’t be a form letter. Include details from your project and mention what you enjoyed about working with this person.


Make it timely

Your thank you cards should be sent as soon as the final payment is received from your project. The longer you wait, the less impact your gesture will have.


Don’t have any clients yet? Thank you cards can still work in your favor. Be sure to send a card to mentors and other professionals after a meeting. Appreciation goes a long way in strengthening these new business relationships.


Do you have a simple, no-brainer marketing tool that you think most of us are probably overlooking? Share in the comments below!


And if you want to impress your clients with branded, professionally designed thank you notes, send us a note. We can hook you up.