As a business owner or a blogger, or a business owner who blogs, I’m sure you’re familiar with the world of stock photography. And if you’ve been purchasing images to use for your posts and social media, then I’m also sure you know how expensive it can get.

In today’s post, I’m going to justify the purchase of a good stock image the same way that I justify buying an expensive piece of clothing- by showing you just how much use you’ll get out of it. I’ll be using an image from the Business Betties’ stock photography service: Better Than Stock. I’ve also used Canva, an online, FREE graphics program, to create the layouts, just to show you that you don’t need fancypants design software to craft the layouts in this article.

I’ve made up a hypothetical e-book/blog post that I’d like to promote. When it comes to hyping up your material, where do you go first? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, email newsletter, maybe a banner ad. And if it’s really special content, maybe you’ll even want to update your Facebook cover photo or run an ad.

There may be infinite possibilities for your single photo, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll start with 8.

Starting with a high resolution horizontal image has given me the ability to resize and crop into eight different formats. Each of the graphics below contain all of the same elements, the only difference being that they’re arranged in a way that makes the most of their format. Canva has done all the measuring for me, with premade templates for almost everything. You don’t have to remember (or let’s be honest, Google) the dimensions for an Instagram post ever again.

I’ll assume that you’ve read our How to Makeover Your Brand Overnight (FREE) e-book, and you’ve already developed some brand guidelines for yourself. If not, get on that, it’s FREE! (Oh, and it’s also pretty good if I do say so myself.) I’ve used the same fonts and colors for all the images, sticking to my hypothetical brand guidelines. We Betties love consistency. When you create your graphics make sure you’re putting your brand guidelines into play.

Business Betties | One Picture, Infinite Possibilities!

1. Pinterest / 2. Facebook post / 3. Twitter post

Business Betties | One Picture, Infinite Possibilities

4. Mailchimp header / 5. Blog post / 6. Instagram post / 7. Tall banner ad / 8. Facebook Cover Photo

Using just one image you’ve reached an audience of thousands of people. You’ve created a campaign that would have cost you hundreds of dollars had you hired someone to do it. All this for the cost of a single stock photo. There are still many, many more possibilities (we did say infinite, remember?). You can completely change up the look of a photo by doing things like creatively cropping, lightening, darkening, adding text overlays, or by building a collage of images.

Better Than Stock by Business Betties offers stock photography for as little as $1.25 for each image. Each photo collection contains 12 high resolution images, plus a wildcard image. If we use today’s example and do the math, that means you’ll be able to design 104 images. Imagine how many people you could reach!

P.S. There’s a free photo collection available on the Better Than Stock website. Download it today, then head over to Canva and get designing!