You know when you’ve been working on a project for a while and you wait for the “perfect time” to send it out into the world? Of course there is no perfect time, but at some point you gotta pull the trigger. We’ve been sitting on this announcement for a few weeks, trying to find the right time and today is the day!

If you’re a regular on the Betty Blog, you’ll know we launched Better Than Stock earlier this year.  We’ve already learned so much in the process and know that this new betty addition is headed for great things. We’re also grateful to be part of the Valley Venture Mentors’ mentorship program where we’ve been getting lots of great feedback and advice on how to make Better Than Stock even, well, better. Which brings us to our announcement.

[pullquote] Today, we’re launching Better Than Stock Styled Desktop Photos! [/pullquote]

What the heck are they?

You may be wondering, “what the heck is a styled desktop photo?”. Essentially, it is a pre-designed photo to which you can add your own personal brand elements. And it usually has a theme. You’ve probably already seen dozens of these all over the web without even noticing them or what they might be called.

Why we created them.

We love styled stock photography and have used it in many client projects. However, one thing we kept noticing is that nearly all desktop shots were super bright and very feminine, which we love for many things but not every brand falls into that category. We looked and looked for styled desktop images that aren’t quite so “girly”  but couldn’t find any. So, we teamed up with our favorite photo stylist, Bonnie Aunchman, to create this first collection.

You’ll notice that they’re a little more moody and gender-neutral.

Styled Desktop Stock Photos by Better Than Stock

Where to use them.

There are many places to use these types of images. You’ll see them used as website banners, Facebook headers, blog post images, Pinterest pins, social media posts, ad banners, and for marketing products like ebooks or apps. Oh, and another great use in on your 404 page!

And, if you’re a designer, you’ll already know how useful styled stock images can be to showcase your own work.

Where to get them.

If you’re interested in using one of these images for creating your own graphics, head on over to the Better Than Stock Featured Collections page to see the entire collection. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.