When you have a killer product, I mean, stop you dead in your tracks and knock you to the ground it’s so good product, how do you make a memorable first impression?

You could tell people about how amazing your product is, but most aren’t likely to take your word for it. Maybe hope for viral video fame showing people your life changing merch. Still a shot in the dark.

The best way to make a believer out of someone- let them try it for themselves.

If you’re presenting your product in person, then you can control the look and feel of the entire interaction. But what if you can’t get an in person meeting? You might just have a name, an address, a hope, and a prayer.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to wow this decision maker with every single detail and moment of their experience.  This calls for a presentation kit.

A presentation kit: the perfect way to share information and product with a potential client that impresses and wows every stop of the way. From the moment they open the package, they’re walked through your message as if this box (or folder, or bag) is a tiny little brand ambassador.


Elements of a Presentation Kit:


Business Betties | Presentation Kit Design | Packaging


Give some thought to the type of container you’d like to place your presentation kit. Think about creating a sense of ceremony for the recipient. Could it be a box that opens, a pocket folder with a special type of closure?

How could you seal it? With a label, a ribbon, washi tape, a wax seal… Perhaps immaculately wrapped like a gift with crisp corners in kraft paper. Pick an option that fits the personality of your brand.

Don’t forget the inside. Is some neatly folded tissue paper with a label featuring your logo in order? Or brightly colored shred?

As you make each one of these packaging decisions, always come back to your brand colors. Your container, seal, and fill should all be within your brand color palette.

Business Betties | Presentation Kit Design | Brochure


Give your recipient the need to know information about your business and your product. In our example, we’ve included a folded brochure with lots of beautiful images. Other possibilities include a rack card, or a single 8 ½” x 11” page.

Important: Include your contact information or special next-step instructions. This kit is hopefully the first step in a very beautiful relationship.

Consider adding in a personal note, addressed directly to the recipient. Everyone likes to feel special, and the personal touch (after receiving hundreds of mass emails) won’t go unnoticed.

Business Betties | Presentation Kit Design | Product


Presentation kits CAN work if you’re a service-based business, but they work exceptionally well for product-based businesses.

In our example, The Barkery has baked up bite-sized samplings of their menu.  For those of you with a product, how could you show off your best sellers on a smaller scale?

Readers with services, this is going to require some outside of the box thinking (we’re in the same boat, we feel your pain). Think about what your clients would find useful. A tax accountant might provide her clients with a calculator or a fancy file folder. We know our clients can never have enough notebooks, so each year we send one out with a cheeky little saying on the front.

If you are purchasing items to include in your presentation kit, stick with your branding as much as possible. If you can find these items in your brand colors, perfect. If you add your logo to them, even better.


Follow Up

A lot of effort has been put into creating your presentation kit. This is not the time to send it off and be done with it. Your contact, whether they’re a magazine editor, a wholesale buyer, or a local mom and pop owner is busy. Their inbox is likely full, and their phone is ringing off the hook.

They need you to follow up. They WANT you to follow up. In speaking with editors from popular national magazines, we’ve learned that a content editor actually appreciates a follow up email about 2 weeks after initial contact. They may have been genuinely interested in you, but you fell off the radar during a tight deadline week.


Don’t feel like you’re bothering people, this is part of the process!



Has this article sparked any ideas for a presentation kit for your business? Let us know in the comments below.



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