Your Project Evaluation Fee will be used toward the deposit of your project. If you decide not to pursue the project, no hard feelings. Project Evaluation Fees are not refundable. You’ll receive your Project Evaluation within 5 business days from the time of payment.

Why we offer Project Evaluations:

When you’re going to spend your hard earned money, you want to know the person you’re giving it to is a good fit with you and your business. We’ve found that by offering detailed project evaluations to our clients, we’re developing a working relationship built on mutual respect. You get to know the quality of our work, and we can spend the time it takes to give you a detailed plan of your project along with pricing this is meant for your specific project. That’s right… No Surprises!

Project Types:

Many of our projects take several weeks to complete. Projects like Brand Identity, Logo Design, Website Design & Development. For these projects, we start with a Project Evaluation and go from there. With other projects, like Business Portraits or Social Media Graphics we can typically begin your project with a simple project agreement.